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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1Michael Jackson Stage Worn Custom Made Jumpsuit for 1984 "Victory" Tour$16,500.00
2Michael Jackson "Victory Tour" Stage Worn Blue Beaded Shirt and White Pants$15,000.00
3Michael Jackson "Eaten Alive" Recording Session Worn Custom Made Western Style Shirt$0.00
4Michael Jackson "Bad" World Tour Stage Worn Black Spandex Shirt$25,115.00
5Michael Jackson Worn Western Style Black Shirt$12,885.00
6Michael Jackson "Wetten, dass…?" TV Show Worn Black Jacket$27,583.00
7Michael Jackson Custom Made Red Jacket $1,283.00
8Michael Jackson Rehearsal Worn Plaid Shirt and Levi's Pants for "Dangerous" Tour$8,652.00
9Michael Jackson Stage Worn "Destiny Tour" Mirrored Costume$0.00
10Michael Jackson Worn Vintage Indian Tunic$8,565.00
11Michael Jackson Stage Worn Custom Made "Beat It" Jacket$2,600.00
12Michael Jackson Personally Owned and Worn Black Fedora Hat$3,500.00
12Michael Jackson Personally Owned and Worn Black Fedora Hat$3,500.00
13Michael Jackson Worn Silver Thigh-High Boots For Captain EO$9,500.00
14Michael Jackson Signed and Inscribed Hotel Napkin$8,000.00
15Michael Jackson Handwritten and Signed Lyrics to "Billie Jean"$0.00
16Michael Jackson Handwritten and Signed Lyrics for "We Are The World" $0.00
17Michael Jackson Handwritten Lyrics for "An Innocent Man"$3,630.00
18Michael Jackson Signed and Hand-Drawn Self Portrait$3,509.00
19Michael Jackson Signed Program Picture$0.00
20Michael Jackson Signed "Artist of the Decade" Multi-Platinum Record Award$1,900.00
21Michael Jackson Signed "Captain EO" Poster$0.00
22Michael Jackson "Black or White" Video Production Book and Script $0.00
23Michael Jackson Signed Two "The Wiz" Scarecrow Pictures $0.00
24Michael Jackson Signed Credit Card Receipt$950.00
25Michael Jackson Signed & Inscribed "J5 Soulsation" T-Shirt$0.00
26The Jacksons With Michael Jackson Signed Photograph$600.00
29Michael Jackson Signed "Jacksons" Program Page$600.00
30Michael Jackson Neverland Map$0.00
31Michael Jackson Signed and Inscribed "The Wiz" Framed Promotion Sticker$0.00
32Michael Jackson "Bad" World Tour Stage Crew Jumpsuit$0.00
33Michael Jackson Tribute Program and Parking Pass$275.00
34Michael Jackson Concert Ticket Archive$1,000.00
35Britney Spears Worn Vintage Costume for "Circus" Video$9,500.00
36Britney Spears Worn Fairy Wings for Rolling Stone Magazine $0.00
37Britney Spears Worn Chain Garter Belt For "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" and "Star" Magazine$0.00
38Gwen Stefani Worn Blue Peignoir Set For "Wind It Up" Video$7,088.00
39Fergie "Glamorous" Video and Cover Worn Coat $10,992.00
40Rihanna Worn Red Vintage Swimsuit For "If I Never See Your Face Again" Video$4,840.00
41Katy Perry Worn Silver Sequined Dress for 2009 Hollywood Palladium Concert$5,363.00
42Taylor Swift Worn Vintage Motorcycle Jacket For "Rolling Stone Magazine" $5,363.00
43Jennifer Lopez Worn Sheer Wrap For "BLENDER MAGAZINE" Pictorial$4,028.00
44Pink Worn Vintage Gown For "Who Knew" Video$7,088.00
45Christina Aguilera Worn Vest From 2006 Pepsi “Anthem” Ad Campaign$4,431.00
46Christina Aguilera Worn Bodysuit From "Keeps Gettin' Better" Album Photo Shoot$0.00
47Faith Hill "There You'll Be” Video Worn Silk Rhinestone Dress $0.00
48Jewel "Break Me" Video Worn Fatigue Jacket and Pants $0.00
49Janis Joplin Owned and Used Purse$4,608.00
50Barbra Streisand Owned and Worn Wardrobe Collection$666.00
51James Brown Stage Worn Green "S.E.X" Jumpsuit c. 1976$0.00
52James Brown Stage Worn "Military" Costume$3,461.00
53Ray Charles Stage Worn Custom Made Tuxedo Jacket $5,000.00
54Prince Custom Made "Purple Rain" World Tour Stage Used Accessories$750.00
55Prince Photo Shoot Worn Gold Cross and Necklace$650.00
56Prince Stage Worn Black Jacket With White Polka Dots$977.00
57Paul McCartney Owned and Worn Gold Brocade "Dandie Fashions" Jacket Circa 1967$5,849.00
58Justin Timberlake Worn Jacket For Gnarls Barkley "Run" Video$7,078.00
5950 Cent and Tony Yayo Naval Jackets and Officer's Cap Worn in "Rider Part 2" Video $3,661.00
60Rod Stewart Stage Worn Black and White Checkered Jacket$977.00
61Bob Dylan Handwritten and Signed "My Back Pages" and "Ballad In Plain D" Working Lyrics$25,000.00
62Bob Dylan Handwritten and Signed "Just Like A Woman" Working Lyrics$20,000.00
63Bob Dylan Signed and Inscribed "Don't Think Twice" Sheet Music$0.00
64Bob Dylan Signed and Inscribed "Woody Guthrie" Album$0.00
65Bob Dylan Signed and Inscribed "Folk Song Magazine" With "Blowin' in the Wind" Lyrics$2,000.00
66Bob Dylan Circa 1974 Signed Contract$0.00
67Bob Dylan "Gates of Eden" Signed and Inscribed Paperback Biography$1,500.00
68Bob Dylan 1962 Stage Used Harmonica With Signed Original Key D Flat Harmonica Box $1,815.00
69Bob Dylan Signed "Infidels" Album$0.00
70Bob Dylan Two Full Concert Tickets from 1966$260.00
71Bob Dylan Signed Stage Used Harmonica$1,952.00
72John Lennon Original Handwritten Working Lyrics for the Recorded Song "Rock and Roll People"$144,252.00
73Beatles Autographed "Hard Day's Night" Album $0.00
74Rare John Lennon Signed "In His Own Write" With Brian Epstein, Cynthia Lennon, Helen Shapiro and Wilfrid Brambell$10,123.00
75Beatles Autographed 1963 Color Magazine Photograph$0.00
76Ringo Star Signed Original "Help" Lithograph$0.00
77George Harrison Original Jam Session Tape $0.00
78Paul McCartney Signed "With The Beatles" Album$1,172.00
79Handwritten John Lennon "John Sinclair" Lyrics$405.00
80The Beatles Original "Another Christmas Show" 1964-65 Program$275.00
81"The Beatles Show" 1964 Original Program$511.00
82Paul McCartney Handwritten Schedule$250.00
83Beatles Original UK and US Official Fan Club Cards$100.00
84John Lennon Original "Walls and Bridges" Promotional Poster$175.00
85The Beatles Publicity Pictures$100.00
86Beatles Original 1965 US Tour Program$368.00
87The Beatles Original Photograph$185.00
88The Beatles Original Photograph$100.00
89The Beatles Original Photograph$0.00
90The Beatles Original Photograph$0.00
91The Beatles Original Photograph$0.00
92The Beatles Original Photograph$275.00
93The Beatles Original Photograph$0.00
94The Beatles Original Photograph$0.00
95The Beatles Original Photograph$0.00
96The Beatles Original Photograph$0.00
97The Beatles Original Photograph Contact Sheet by Bruce McBroom$368.00
98The Beatles Original Photograph Contact Sheet by Bruce McBroom$250.00
99Jimi Hendrix's Personal Acetate for "Burning Of The Midnight Lamp" With Handwritten Lyrics and Drawings on the Sleeve$20,000.00
100Jimi Hendrix Stage Worn Black Scarf and Peacock Pin $1,735.00
101Jimi Hendrix "Room Full of Mirrors" Signed and Inscribed Personal Studio Outtakes Reel To Reel Tape$8,000.00
102Jimi Hendrix "Easy Ryder" Signed and Inscribed Personal Studio Outtakes Reel To Reel Tape$8,000.00
103Jimi Hendrix Experience Signatures$4,000.00
104Jimi Hendrix "Curtis Knight & The Squires" Two Original Photographs $0.00
105Jimi Hendrix Initialed Original Poster Proof$733.00
106Jimi Hendrix Original Poster Proof$0.00
107Bono Signed and Inscribed Original Photograph by Matthew Roleston$0.00
108Bono Rosary Beads$5,280.00
109Larry Mullen, Jr. Signed and Inscribed Personal Bible$0.00
110Larry Mullen Jr. Signed and Inscribed Worn Sneakers$0.00
111Bono Original Hendricks Gallery Art Show Invitation$0.00
112Bono Original Polaroid Photograph Signed and Inscribed by Photographer Matthew Roleston on the Verso$1,500.00
113Set of U2 Backstage Passes$0.00
114U2 Portfolio Photographs$0.00
115Bono Signed "Rolling Stone" Magazine$0.00
116U2 Stylist's Measurement Book$0.00
117U2 Joshua Tree Tour Original Itinerary Books (2)$800.00
118U2 Stage Used Concert Set List$1,290.00
119Bono and The Edge Used Mugs$500.00
120U2 1987 Madrid Candid Photograph$0.00
121U2 Photograph Signed by the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr.$330.00
122U2 Joshua Tree Tour Backstage Badge$300.00
123LL Cool J Handwritten and Signed Lyrics Notebook$8,000.00
124LL Cool J Original 2 Inch Unreleased Master Recording $0.00
125Bruce Springsteen Color Annie Leibovitz "Born in the USA" 11 X 14 Outtake Photograph$440.00
126Bruce Springsteen Color Annie Leibovitz "Tunnel Of Love" 11 X 14 Outtake photograph$0.00
127Bruce Springsteen Alternate "Darkness on the Edge of Town" Album Covers$733.00
128Madonna Worn Black Lace Robe From "W MAGAZINE" $0.00
129Madonna Pink Body Suit Worn For The Sex Book$977.00
130Madonna Worn Custom Made Bra$949.00
131Madonna Original Never Published Nude Photograph$0.00
132Madonna Original Never Published Nude Photograph$0.00
133Blondie "Plastic Letters" Outtake Album Cover Photograph$0.00
134Blondie "Parallel Lines" Outtake Album Cover Photograph$400.00
135Blondie Vintage Original 16 x 20 Black & White Photograph$440.00
136Blondie Vintage Original 16 x 20 Black & White Photograph$711.00
137Blondie Vintage Original 16 x 20 Black & White Photograph$783.00
138Blind Faith Eric Clapton 1969 Original Photograph$175.00
139Led Zeppelin 1969 Original Photograph$0.00
139Led Zeppelin 1969 Original Photograph$0.00
140Bob Marley 1978 Original Photograph$150.00
141Jim Morrison 1967 Original Photograph$150.00
142Janis Joplin 1969 Original Photograph$275.00
143Grace Slick and Spencer Dryden Original Photograph by Jim Marshall$0.00
144Buddy Miles "Monterrey Pop Festival" Original Photograph Contact Sheet By Jim Marshall$0.00
145Creedence Clearwater Revival Original Photograph Contact Sheet by Jim Marshall$0.00
146Creedence Clearwater Revival Original Photograph Contact Sheet by Jim Marshall$0.00
147The Rolling Stones Original Photograph Contact Sheet With Brian Jones$125.00
148The Rolling Stones Original Photograph Contact Sheet From Ed Sullivan Show$125.00
149The Byrds Original Photograph Contact Sheet by Gene Trindl$100.00
150Frank Zappa Original Photograph Contact Sheet$175.00
151Cream Original Photograph Contact Sheet Featuring Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce$368.00
152The Mommas and the Papas Original Photograph$0.00
153Cass Elliot Original Photograph$100.00
154Corky Laing Photograph Archive$100.00
155KISS Paul Stanley Signed Artwork$0.00
156Ronnie Wood Limited Edition Signed Screen Prints$0.00
157Madonna Signed "Music" Album Poster$587.00
158Madonna Signed "Music" Album Poster$440.00
159Lenny Kravitz Signed Poster$0.00
160Pete Best Signed Photograph of John Lennon$334.00
161Janis Joplin Photograph Signed by Big Brother and the Holding Company $100.00
162Lovin' Spoonful Signed Photograph$160.00
163The Who Signed Photograph$405.00
164Grace Slick Signed and Inscribed "Teenset" Magazine$0.00
165Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys Signed Photograph$0.00
166The Rascals Signed Photograph$100.00
167The Sex Pistols Signed Photograph$303.00
168Woodstock Poster Signed by Artist Arnold Skolnick$587.00
169Paul McCartney Signed Hofner Bass Guitar$8,860.00
170“Guitar Greats” Signed Electric Guitar$0.00
171Tom Petty Signed Electric Guitar$1,000.00
172Sting Signed Acoustic Guitar$0.00
173Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Signed Electric Guitar$1,931.00
174Woodstock Performers Signed and Inscribed Acoustic Guitar$0.00
175Les Paul Signed Electric Guitar and Pick Guard$1,049.00
176Sex Pistols Signed Electric Guitar$600.00
177Joni Mitchell Signed Acoustic Guitar$600.00
178Van Morrison Signed Electric Guitar$0.00
179The Band Signed Electric Guitar$807.00
180David Bowie Signed Acoustic Guitar$666.00
181The Velvet Underground Signed Acoustic Guitar$500.00
182The Eagles and Jackson Brown Signed Acoustic Guitar$2,796.00
183BB King Signed Electric Guitar$733.00
184Oasis Signed Drumhead$0.00
185Beach Boys Signed Drumhead$0.00
186Damn Yankees Signed Guitar$0.00
187Gypsy Sun and Rainbows Signed "Jimi Hendrix" Electric Guitar$400.00
188Guns & Roses Signed Electric Guitar $783.00
189Pete Townshend Signed Electric Guitar$2,988.00
190Nirvana Signed "Nevermind" Album$2,929.00
191The Rolling Stones Signed "Flowers" Album With Brian Jones$0.00
192Guns & Roses Signed "Appetite for Destruction" Album$2,359.00
193KISS Signed Album Archive and Unpublished Original Photo Slides$666.00
194Stevie Wonder Signed "Songs In The Key of Life" Tamla Motown Album$200.00
195Crosby Stills Nash & Young Signed "American Dream" Album$200.00
196Brian Wilson Signed Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Album$250.00
197Woodstock Album Signed by 27 Artists$541.00
198Sly Stone "There's A Riot Going On" Signed Album$303.00
199Sam Kinison Signed and Inscribed Album$0.00
200James Brown International Academy of Music “Entertainer of the Century” Award$0.00
201Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" Signed RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum Record Award$0.00
202Eric Clapton "Slow Hand" Original RIAA Certified Platinum Record Award$350.00
203"Aerosmith" RIAA Certified Gold Record Award Presented to Joe Perry$1,171.00
204Beyonce Platinum Plaque Award for "B'Day"$484.00
205Chuck Berry & Graham Bond Organization 1965 Unpublished Film With Copyright$0.00
206Led Zeppelin Tour Jacket Given by Jimmy Page to Fan in 1977$2,310.00
207Grateful Dead Signed Band, Lyrics and Tour Archive$0.00
208Paul McCartney Tour Archive$450.00
209"Celebration At Big Sur" Unreleased Film Outtakes$0.00
210The Who Rare Collection of Pins and Cloth Patches$440.00
211The Who A Collection of Rare Backstage Passes$484.00
212The Who "Tommy" Premiere Invitation$0.00
213The Who "Who Put The Boot In" Concert Poster$275.00
214Roger Daltrey "Ride A Rock Horse" Promotional Poster$100.00
215The Who Collection of Rare Laminated Backstage Passes$0.00
216Van Halen "Balance" World Tour Child's Custom Made Staff Jacket$0.00
217Limp Bizkit Band and Tour Archive$350.00
218Stevie Nicks "Wild Heart" Tour Jacket $300.00
219Coldplay Signed Poster and Tour Archive$0.00
220Janis Joplin Big Brother Fillmore Original Concert Poster$150.00
221Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Original Concert Poster From the Whiskey 1978$260.00
222The Doors Pink Floyd Eagles Auditorium 1968 Concert Flyer$225.00
223Led Zeppelin "In Through the Out Door" Rare Tour T-Shirt$75.00
224Norman Granz' Jazz At The Philharmonic Handbill$0.00
225Live Aid Program Signed by Over 100 Performers$0.00
226Kurt Cobain Handwritten and Signed "Kurdt" Letter$0.00
227Janice Joplin 1968 Signed Big Brother & The Holding Company Meeting Minutes$0.00
228Madonna Signed and Notated 1983 Video Contract $596.00
229Brian Jones Handwritten and Signed Letter and Envelope$0.00
230Andy Warhol Signature and Photograph$0.00
231Pink Floyd Signed Corporate Band Account Check$0.00
233Lynyrd Skynyrd Signed and "Freebird" Lyrics Inscribed Acoustic Guitar$908.00
234Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Signed and Inscribed Napkin $1,154.00
235B.B. King Handwritten Set List$500.00
236Bruce Springsteen Hand-Annotated "Loose Change" Typed Lyrics$0.00
237Bruce Springsteen Hand-Annotated "Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own" Typed Lyrics$0.00
238Bruce Springsteen 1971 Handwritten Set List$711.00
239Motown Barry Gordy Custom Made Holiday Card to Farrah Fawcett Signed by Fawcett$0.00
240Joey Ramone Demo Cassette Tape and Handwritten Lyrics$400.00
241The Jeff Beck Group 1969 Performance Contract$795.00
242Corky Laing Handwritten Working Lyrics$0.00
243Deep Purple Ian Gillan "Watching the Sky" Handwritten and Signed Lyrics$125.00
244Jack Bruce Handwritten Lyrics$125.00
245"The Family" 1969 Performance Contract$50.00
246The Yardbirds 1967 and 1969 Tour Documents$751.00
247Ray Charles Braille "Duets" Script$1,412.00
248Lindsey Buckingham Handwritten "It Was I" Lyrics$275.00
249Klaus Voormann Signed "Four Track Stories"$150.00
250James Brown Signed Book "The Godfather of Soul"$275.00
251Alice Cooper Signed "School's Out" Lyrics$225.00
252Sting Signed "Broken Music" Book$175.00
253Rush Neil Peart Signed "Roadshow, Landscape With Drums" Book$90.00
254Tony Bennet Signed "The Good Life" Autobiography$100.00
255Brian May Signed "Bang! The Complete History of the Universe" Book$55.00
256Handwritten Elvis Presley Set List$150.00
257Domain Name for Sale:  $0.00
258Domain Name for Sale:$0.00
259Domain Name for Sale: $0.00
260Domain Name for Sale:$0.00
261Two Domain Names for Sale: &$0.00
262Alton Kelly Signed Paul McCartney "Wings Over America" Uncut Artists Proof by Randy Tuten, Kelley and Mouse$0.00
263Alton Kelley Signed "Third Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" Uncut Artist's Proof$825.00
264"Artists Rights Today" Silk-Screen Print Signed by Kelley, Mouse, Griffin, Wilson and Moscosco$0.00
265"Artists Rights Today" Silk-Screen Print Signed by Kelley, Mouse, Griffin, Wilson and Moscosco$0.00
266"Artists Rights Today" Silk-Screen Print Signed by Kelley, Mouse, Griffin, Wilson and Moscosco$0.00
267"Artists Rights Today" Silk-Screen Print Signed by Kelley, Mouse, Griffin, Wilson and Moscosco$250.00
268Alton Kelley Signed "TIME: Martians Land" Original Poster$0.00
269Alton Kelley Signed Mouse & Kelley "Led Zeppelin - Angel Image" Original Poster$275.00
270Alton Kelley Signed "3 1/2 Hours of Peace and Music" Uncut Artist's Proof Silkscreen$0.00
271Alton Kelley Signed "John Cipollina Tribute" Original Poster$75.00
272Alton Kelley Signed "Dinosaurs #1" Original Poster$150.00
273Alton Kelley Signed "Dinosaurs #2" Original Poster$150.00
274Alton Kelley Signed "Dinosaurs #3" Original Poster$75.00
275Alton Kelley Signed "Dinosaurs #5, Artistasaurus" Original Poster$75.00
276Alton Kelley Signed Dinosaurs "1st Anniversary Show" Original Poster$0.00
277Alton Kelley Signed "Dinosaurs #7, Godzilla" Original Poster$100.00
278Alton Kelley Signed "Psychedelic Shop Grand Reopening" Artists Proof Silkscreen$0.00
279Alton Kelley Signed "Benefit Law Week" Uncut Artist's Proof$150.00
280Alton Kelley Signed "Spock Collage" Original Art$0.00
281Alton Kelley Signed Pink Floyd Tokyo Artist's Proof Silkscreen$491.00
282Alton Kelley Original Photo Proof Grateful Dead "House of Cards"$0.00
283Alton Kelley Signed "California Shakespeare Festival" Original Poster$0.00
284Alton Kelley Signed Original Arista Records Label Logo Design Proof$0.00
285Alton Kelley "Dinosaurs #4, The Skeleton" Original Poster$75.00
286Alton Kelley "Dinosaurs #9, Joint Benefit" Poster$0.00
287Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse Signed "Trip or Freak" Limited Edition Reprint Poster$110.00
288Alton Kelley Signed John Cipollina "Tradition - One Bad Two Bad" Original Silkscreen Print$0.00
289Alton Kelley Signed "Fungo Mungo" Concert Poster$50.00
290Alton Kelley Signed "4,000,000 Years On The Road" Original Poster$50.00
291Robert Gotsch "5th Annual Hookers Ball" Original Concert Poster$160.00
292Elvis Presley Signed 1956 William Morris Agency Contract$0.00
293Elvis Presley And Others Signed 1955 Hank Snow Country & Western Show Program $1,890.00
294Elvis Presley Twice Signed and Inscribed American Airlines Schedule$2,516.00
295Elvis Big 50 RCA Records Red Satin Flag$0.00
296Elvis Memorabilia Archive$440.00
297Elvis Presley 1950's Sweater and Hat$368.00
298Elvis Presley Never-Before-Seen Performance 3-D Slides$0.00
299From The Bill Porter Collection: Three Large Elvis Presley Pictures$0.00
300From The Bill Porter Collection: Original Personalized "Audio Engineer" Studded Denim Jacket and Pants$875.00
301From The Bill Porter Collection: Four Elvis Presley Pictures$0.00
302From The Bill Porter Collection: Elvis Presley Music and Movie Archive$334.00
303From The Bill Porter Collection: Elvis Presley Memorabilia Archive$303.00
304From The Bill Porter Collection: Elvis Presley Media Archive$250.00
305From The Bill Porter Collection: Personalized Leather Garment Bag$303.00
306Elvis Fan Club Member Card$100.00
307Elvis Presley 1950's Official Hound Dog T-Shirt$200.00
308Elvis Presley 1950's Official Hound Dog T-Shirt$334.00
309M.G.M. "Stay Away, Joe" Radio Spot Announcements Record$334.00
310National General Pictures "Charro" Radio Spot Announcements Record$368.00
311Elvis Presley August 19, 1977 Full Concert Tickets (2)$200.00
312Elvis Presley "Elvis The Lost Performances" Extra Large Promotional Standee$35.00
313Elvis Presley "Cut Out" Promo$70.00
314Elvis Album Promos (3)$25.00
315Elvis Presley June Kelly Lithograph$50.00
316"I Like Elvis" Original Vintage Pinback Button$100.00
317Elvis Presley Original Section of Graceland White Fence$200.00
318Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
319Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$100.00
320Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
321Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
322Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
323Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
324Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
325Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
326Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
327Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
328Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$100.00
329Elvis Presley Original Vintage Color Snapshot$100.00
330Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
331Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
332Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
333Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$100.00
334Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
335Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
336Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
337Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
338Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
339Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
340Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
341Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
342Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
343Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$100.00
344Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
345Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$100.00
346Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
347Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
348Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
349Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
350Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
351Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
352Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
353Elvis Presley Original Wire Photograph$0.00
354Elvis Presley Original "Kissin' Cousins" Movie Poster$0.00
355"Elvis On Tour" Original Movie Poster$150.00
356Elvis Presley Original "Girl Happy" Movie Poster$125.00
357Elvis Presley Original Flaming Star Movie Poster$125.00
358Elvis Presley Original "Flaming Star" Movie Poster$125.00
359Elvis Presley Original "Roustabout" Movie Poster$150.00
360Elvis Presley Original "It Happened At The World's Fair" Movie Poster$125.00
361Elvis Presley Original "Charro" Movie Poster$125.00
362Elvis Presley Original "The Trouble With Girls" Movie Poster$125.00
363Elvis Presley Original "King Creole" Movie Poster$110.00
364Elvis Presley Original "Flaming Star" Movie Poster$100.00
365Elvis Presley Original "Kid Galahad" Movie Poster$100.00
366Elvis Presley Original "Follow That Dream" Movie Poster$100.00
367Elvis Presley Original "Spinout" Movie Poster$100.00
368Elvis Presley Original "Wild In The Country" Movie Poster$0.00
369Elvis Presley Original "Clambake" Movie Poster$0.00
370Elvis Presley Original "Wild in The Country" Movie Poster$0.00
371Elvis Presley Original "Charro" Movie Poster$100.00
372Elvis Presley Original "Clambake" Movie Poster$100.00
373Elvis Presley Original "Easy Come, Easy Go" Movie Poster$100.00
374Elvis Presley Original "Girl Happy" Movie Poster$0.00
375Elvis Presley Original "G.I. Blues" Movie Poster$225.00
376Elvis Presley Original "Double Trouble" Movie Poster$125.00
377Elvis Presley Original "Blue Hawaii" Movie Poster$150.00
378Elvis Presley Original "Paradise - Hawaiian Style" Movie Poster$100.00
379Elvis Presley Original "Viva Las Vegas" Movie Poster$250.00
380Elvis Presley Original "King Creole" Movie Poster$334.00
381Elvis Presley Original "Jailhouse Rock" Movie Poster$368.00
382Elvis Presley Original "Blue Hawaii" Movie Poster$275.00
383Elvis Presley Original "Elvis On Tour" Movie Poster$200.00
384Elvis Presley Original "Love Me Tender" Movie Poster$225.00
385Elvis Presley Original "Flaming Star" Movie Poster$150.00
386Elvis Presley Original "Kid Galahad" Movie Poster$160.00
387Elvis Presley Original "Charro" Movie Poster$275.00
388Elvis Presley Original "Paradise Hawaiian Style" Movie Poster$0.00
389Elvis Presley Original "King Creole" Movie Poster$175.00
390Elvis Presley Original "Wild In The Country" Movie Poster$100.00
391Elvis Presley Original "Loving You" Movie Poster$275.00
392Elvis Presley Original "Live A Little, Love A Little" Movie Poster$275.00
393Elvis Presley Original "That's the Way It Is" Poster $200.00
394Elvis Presley Original "Roustabout" Movie Poster$110.00
395Elvis Presley Original "It Happened At The World's Fair" Movie Poster$200.00
396Elvis Presley Original "Girl Happy" Movie Poster$200.00
397Elvis Presley "Kissin' Cousins" Original Movie poster$200.00
398Elvis Presley Original "Girls, Girls! Girls!" Movie Poster$100.00
399Elvis Presley Original "Frankie and Johnny" Movie Poster$100.00
400Elvis Presley Original "Harum Scarum" Movie Poster$100.00
401"From Elvis Presley Boulevard" Promo Posters (2)$0.00
402Elvis Presley Original MGM Posters (3)$0.00
403Elvis Presley Original "Frankie and Johnny" Window Card$0.00
404Elvis Presley Original "Way Down" RCA Promotional Poster$125.00
405Elvis Presley Original "Elvis Now" RCA Hanging Banner$405.00
406Elvis Presley Original "Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3" RCA Promo Poster$150.00
407Elvis Presley Original "Kid Galahad" RCA Soundtrack Poster$405.00
408Elvis Presley Singer First TV Special Poster$722.00
409Elvis Presley Promotional Poster$0.00
410Original Elvis Presley "Moody Blue" RCA Promotional Poster$0.00
411Elvis Presley Concert Tickets Poster$446.00
412Elvis Presley Promotional Poster$0.00
413Elvis Presley "Mr. Songman"/"Trouble" 45 $15.00
414Elvis Presley "We Call On Him"/"You'll Never Walk Alone" 45$60.00
415Elvis Presley "Suspicious Minds"/"You'll Think of Me" 45$35.00
416Elvis Presley "All Shook Up"/"That's When Your Heartaches Begin" 45 $40.00
417Elvis Presley "Milky White Way"/"Swing Down Sweet Chariot" 45$125.00
418Elvis Presley "My Boy"/"Thinking About You" 45 $20.00
419"Elvis Presley 'Perfect For Parties' Highlight" Album $80.00
420Elvis Presley "I Was The One"/"Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" 45 $50.00
421Elvis Presley "In The Ghetto"/"Any Day Now" 45 $100.00
422Elvis Presley "It's A Long Lonely Highway"/"I'm Yours" 45 $30.00
423Elvis Presley "Separate Ways"/"Always On My Mind" 45 $20.00
424Elvis Presley "Separate Ways"/"Always On My Mind" 45$15.00
425Elvis Presley "I've Got A Thing About You Baby"/"Take Good Care Of Her" 45 $20.00
426Elvis Presley "I've Got A Thing About You Baby"/Take Good Care Of Her" 45 $0.00
427Elvis Presley "Rubberneckin'"/"Don't Cry Daddy" 45 $10.00
428Elvis Presley "Little Sister" 45 $50.00
429Elvis Presley "If You Talk In Your Sleep"/"Help Me" 45 $20.00
430Elvis Presley "The Truth About Me" 45 $50.00
431Elvis Presley "Moody Blue"/"She Thinks I Still Care" 45 $15.00
432Elvis Presley "Raised On Rock"/"For Ol' Times Sake" 45 $10.00
433Elvis Presley "You Gave Me A Molehill"/"Nearer My God To Thee" Creative Radio Shows $25.00
434Elvis Presley "Always On My Mind"/"My Boy" 45 $25.00
435Elvis Presley "Silver Bells" 45 $0.00
436Elvis Presley "Anything That's Part Of You"/"Good Luck Charm" 45 $15.00
437Elvis Presley "Anything That's Part Of You"/"Good Luck Charm" 45 $20.00
438Elvis Presley "If You Talk In Your Sleep"/"Help Me" 45 $0.00
439Elvis Presley "Stuck On You"/"Fame And Fortune" 45 $30.00
440Elvis Presley "One Night"/"I Got Stung" 45 $35.00
441Elvis Presley "If I Can Dream"/"Edge Of Reality" 45 $30.00
442Elvis Presley "Promised Land"/"It's Midnight" 45 $20.00
443Elvis Presley "Clean Up Your Own Back Yard"/"The Fair Is Moving On" 45 $25.00
444Elvis Presley "It's Only Love"/"The Sound Of Your Cry" 45 $25.00
445Elvis Presley "Mr. Songman"/"Trouble" 45 $15.00
446Elvis Presley "Are You Sincere"/"Solitaire" 45 $10.00
447Elvis Presley "Way Down"/"Pledging My Love" 45 $10.00
448Elvis Presley "Burning Love"/"It's A Matter Of Time" 45$20.00
449Elvis Presley "The Elvis Medley" 45 $15.00
450Elvis Presley "Always On My Mind"/"My Boy" 45 $20.00
451Elvis Presley "Are You Sincere"/"Solitaire" 45 $10.00
452Elvis Presley "Puppets On A String"/"Wooden Heart" 45 $35.00
453Elvis Presley "Santa Claus Is Back In Town"/"Blue Christmas" 45 $30.00
454Elvis Presley "Heartbreak Hotel"/"I Was The One" 45 $150.00
455Elvis Presley "Lonely Man"/"Surrender" 45 $30.00
456Elvis Presley "Such A Night"/"Never Ending" 45 $20.00
457Elvis Presley "Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello"/"She's Not You" 45 $25.00
458Elvis Presley "Rock A Hula Baby"/"Can't Help Falling In Love" 45 $40.00
459Elvis Presley "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"/"Patch It Up" 45 $25.00
460Elvis Presley "Kiss Me Quick"/"Suspicion" 45 $40.00
461Elvis Presley "One Broken Heart For Sale"/"They Remind Me Too Much Of You" 45 $15.00
462Elvis Presley "Fool"/"Steamroller Blues" 45$20.00
463Elvis Presley "It's Now Or Never"/"A Mess Of Blues" 45$30.00
464Elvis Presley "I Feel So Bad"/"Wild In The Country" 45 $30.00
465Elvis Presley "How Great Thou Art"/"So High" 45 $250.00
466Elvis Presley "Where Do You Come From"/"Return To Sender" 45 $25.00
467Elvis Presley "Bossa Nova Baby"/"Witchcraft" 45 $20.00
468Elvis Presley "Viva Las Vegas"/"What I'd Say" 45$40.00
469Elvis Presley "For The Heart"/"Hurt" 45 $20.00
470Elvis Presley "Roustabout"/"One Track Heart" 45 $95.00
471Elvis Presley "She Thinks I Still Care"/"Moody Blue" 45 $20.00
472Elvis Presley "Mama Liked The Roses"/"The Wonder Of You" 45 $10.00
473Elvis Presley "I'm Leavin'"/"Heart Of Rome" 45 $15.00
474Elvis Presley "I Really Don't Want To Know"/"There Goes My Everything" 45 $20.00
475Elvis Presley "Pieces Of My Life"/"Bringing It Back" 45 $15.00
476Elvis Presley "Devil In Disguise"/"Please Don't Drag That String Around" 45 $20.00
477Elvis Presley "Long Legged Girl"/"That's Someone You Never Forget" 45 $20.00
478Elvis Presley "Long Legged Girl"/"That's Someone You Never Forget" 45 $20.00
479Elvis Presley "Hound Dog"/"Don't Be Cruel" 45 $95.00
480Elvis Presley "Life"/"Only Believe" 45 $25.00
481Elvis Presley "Rags To Riches"/"Where Did They Go, Lord" 45 $20.00
482Elvis Presley "Unchained Melody"/"Softly, As I Leave You" 45 $40.00
483Elvis Presley "Raised On Rock"/"For Ol' Times Sake" 45 $10.00
484Elvis Presley "I've Lost You"/"The Next Step Is Love" 45 $15.00
485Elvis Presley "Until It's Time For You To Go"/"We Can Make The Morning" 45 $20.00
486Elvis Presley "Do The Clam"/"You'll Be Gone" 45 $25.00
487Elvis Presley "Tell Me Why"/"Blue River" 45 $20.00
488Elvis Presley "Tell Me Why"/"Blue River" 45 $10.00
489Elvis Presley "Crying In The Chapel"/"I Believe In The Man In The Sky" 45 $20.00
490Elvis Presley "Crying In The Chapel"/"I Believe In The Man In The Sky" 45 $15.00
491Elvis Presley "Stay Away"/U.S. Male" 45 $25.00
492Elvis Presley "Memories"/"Charro" 45 $30.00
493Elvis Presley "Memories"/"Charro" 45 $15.00
494Elvis Presley "Indescribably Blue"/"Fools Fall In Love" 45 $15.00
495Elvis Presley "We Call On Him"/"You'll Never Walk Alone" 45 $25.00
496Elvis Presley "If Every Day Was Like Christmas"/"How Would You Like It To Be" 45 $20.00
497Elvis Presley "Elvis Sings Christmas Songs" 45$35.00
498Elvis Presley "Frankie and Johnny"/"Please Don’t Stop Loving Me" 45 $20.00
499Elvis Presley "Frankie and Johnny"/"Please Don’t Stop Loving Me" 45 $20.00
500Elvis Presley "Let Yourself Go"/"Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby" 45 $20.00
501Elvis Presley "Let Yourself Go"/"Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby" 45 $25.00
502Elvis Presley "Ask Me"/"Aint That Loving You Baby" 45 $20.00
503Elvis Presley "Easy Question"/"It Feels So Right" 45 $20.00
504Elvis Presley "Love Letters"/"Come What May" 45 $15.00
505Elvis Presley "Love Letters"/"Come What May" 45 $10.00
506Elvis Presley "Loving You"/"Teddy Bear" 45 $30.00
507Elvis Presley "Don't"/"I Beg Of You" 45 $25.00
508Elvis Presley "Hard Headed Woman"/"Don't Ask Me Why" 45$30.00
509Elvis Presley "I Need Your Love Tonight"/"A Fool Such As I" 45 $35.00
510Elvis Presley "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"/"Doncha' Think It's Time" 45 $30.00
511Elvis Presley "Love Me Tender"/"Any Way You Want Me" 45 $30.00
512Elvis Presley "Are You Lonesome Tonight"/"I Gotta Know" 45 $40.00
513Elvis Presley "Kentucky Rain"/"My Little Friend" 45 $20.00
514Elvis Presley "All That I Am"/"Spinout" 45 $20.00
515Elvis Presley "Don't Be Cruel"/"Hound Dog" 45 $90.00
516Elvis Presley "Kissin' Cousins"/"It Hurts Me" 45 $20.00
517Elvis Presley "There's Always Me"/"Judy" 45 $20.00
518Elvis Presley "Fools Fall In Love"/"Indescribably Blue" 45 $25.00
519Elvis Presley "Little Sister"/"His Latest Flame" 45 $40.00
520Elvis Presley "Merry Christmas Baby"/"O Come, All Ye Faithful" 45 $30.00
521Elvis Presley "Follow That Dream" 45 $50.00
522Elvis Presley "I Need Your Love Tonight"/"A Fool Such As I" 45 $80.00
523Elvis Presley "Strictly Elvis" 45$40.00
524Elvis Presley "Easy Come, Easy Go"45 $90.00
525Elvis Presley "Kid Galahad"/"Six Great Songs" 45 $35.00
526Elvis Presley "Viva Las Vegas" 45 $45.00
527Elvis Presley "Loving You" 45$40.00
528Elvis Presley "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite" 45 $175.00
529Elvis Presley "Any Way You Want Me" 45 $40.00
530Elvis Presley "Elvis By Request" 45 $70.00
531Elvis Presley "Follow That Dream" 45 $40.00
532Elvis Presley "Peace In The Valley" 45 $30.00
533"Elvis Presley" 45 $60.00
534"Elvis Presley" 45$40.00
535"Elvis Presley" 45 $60.00
536"Elvis Presley" 45 $160.00
537Elvis Presley "Loving You" 45 $20.00
538"Elvis Presley" 45 $50.00
539Elvis Presley "Tickle Me" 45 $40.00
540Elvis Presley "A Touch of Gold Volume 3" 45 $150.00
541Elvis Presley "King Creole Vol. 2" 45$35.00
542Elvis Presley "Elvis Sails" 45 $45.00
543Elvis Presley "Easy Question"/"It Feels So Right" 45 $10.00
544Elvis Presley "The Real Elvis" 45$60.00
545Elvis Presley "Never Ending"/"Such A Night" 45 $20.00
546Elvis Presley "Playing For Keeps"/"Too Much" 45$30.00
547Elvis Presley "All Shook Up"/"That's When Your Heartaches Begin" 45$30.00
548Elvis Presley "King Creole" 45 $30.00
549Elvis Presley "Love Me Tender" 45 $35.00
550Elvis Presley "A Touch of Gold Volume 1" 45 $90.00
551Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock"/"Treat Me Nice" 45 $25.00
552"Elvis" 45 $35.00
553Elvis Presley "Hound Dog"/"Don't Be Cruel" 45 $45.00
554Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock"/"Treat Me Nice" 45 $20.00
555Elvis Presley "Love Me Tender"/"Any Way You Want Me" 45 $40.00
556Elvis Presley "Peace In The Valley" 45 $15.00
557Elvis Presley 1968 "Stay Away Joe" Movie Worn Denim Jacket and Pants$34,529.00
558Elvis Presley "Loving You" Movie Worn Boots$5,000.00
559Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Vintage 1950's Watch$8,800.00
560Elvis Presley Owned and Worn 1950's Vintage Watch$9,664.00
561Elvis Presley Owned and Worn White Shirt and Studded Pants Circa Early 1970's$15,568.00
562Elvis Presley Owned and Worn 14 KT Gold Diamond and Opal Ring$16,717.00
563Elvis Presley Stage Worn "Indian Head" Belt Buckle$0.00
564Elvis Presley Stage Worn "Victor: His Master's Voice" Belt Buckle$0.00
565Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Signed Kaftan$7,604.00
566Elvis Presley Stage Worn White Scarf$1,650.00
567Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Dress Slacks$1,952.00
568Elvis Presley Worn Tropicana Hotel Golf Sweater$2,363.00
569Elvis Presley Worn Black Fedora Hat$1,000.00
570Elvis Presley Red Suede Jacket Worn On "Jailhouse Rock" 45 Cover and Promotional Photographs$34,529.00
571Michael Jackson Owned and Worn "Billie Jean" Victory Tour Black Fedora Hat$4,719.00
572Michael Jackson Owned and Worn "Smooth Criminal" Dangerous Tour White Fedora Hat$4,719.00
574Joseph Jackson 1975 Family Bank Book$0.00
575Michael Jackson 1991 "Neverland" Security Patch$0.00
576Michael Jackson 1991 OSS Security Badge$1,391.00
577Michael Jackson 1996 Custom Made and "World History Tour" Worn Military Jacket $6,050.00
578Madonna Ciccone Handwritten and Signed Personal Check$879.00