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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
2 Kobe Bryant 11/3/1996 Debut Game Worn and Signed Sneakers with Debut Ticket MEARS PASS
3 Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Christy Mathewson Only Known Signed Baseball JSA PASS
4 Keith Richards Owned, Heavily Stage Played & Gun Shot Gibson 1952 SJ Southern Jumbo Sunburst Acoustic Guitar PASS
5 Bob Dylan Handwritten & Signed "Subterranean Homesick Blues" Working Lyrics Rosen LOA PASS
6 "Shoeless Joe" Jackson Owned and Handwritten Notebook Beckett PASS
7 Ace Frehley Owned & Stage Played 1973 Tobacco Burst Les Paul Deluxe First Ever KISS Guitar Converted To “Blackie” Ace Frehley LOA 75000
8 Prince “My Name is Prince” Music Video Used and Smashed Fender Stratocaster Guitar 60000
9 George Harrison Played and Twice-Signed Acoustic Guitar with Original Unreleased Cassette Recording TRACKS UK & Frank Caiazzo PASS
10 Babe Ruth Issued Presentation New York Yankees Uniform PASS
11 Chris Cornell Owned & “Badmotorfinger” Recording Used Les Paul Deluxe Guitar PASS
12 Eddie Van Halen Owned & Stage Played Custom 1984 Kramer Stryped Guitar for 5150 Tour PASS
13 Jimmy Page Owned & Stage Played 1971 Olympic White Fender Stratocaster PASS
14 The Beatles Original 1966 Cleveland Stadium Cardboard Concert Poster PASS
15 Led Zeppelin Band Signed "Led Zeppelin IV" Album JSA 21962
16 Jim Morrison Handwritten "Love Her Madly" Working Lyrics PASS
17 Emmitt Smith Signed and Heavily Game Worn 1990-1991 Rookie Season Jersey Cowboys LOAs PASS
18 Janis Joplin Signed "Cheap Thrills" Album JSA & REAL 10982
19 Eric Clapton’s Historic Owned, Stage and Studio Used “Slowhand” 1954 Fender Stratocaster Guitar PASS
20 Queen Freddie Mercury "Fat Bottomed Girls" Handwritten Lyrics 30000
21 Queen Freddie Mercury "Time" Handwritten Lyrics & Performance Notes JSA PASS
22 Queen Band Signed "A Night At The Opera" Album JSA 9983
23 Queen Freddie Mercury Owned and Worn Leather Bikers Cap 5000
24 1999 Pokémon 1st Edition Complete Set (103) Featuring #4 Charizard Pack Fresh PASS
25 Pelé Historic Signed and National Match Worn Jersey on 10/6/1976 Last National Game MEARS & JSA 20000
26 Diego Maradona Historic Multiple Match Worn & Signed Boca Juniors Jersey 7/26/1981 MEARS & JSA PASS
27 Diego Maradona Napoli Multiple Match Worn Unwashed 1989/1990 Jersey PASS
28 Larry Bird Game Worn and Signed ROOKIE Boston Celtics Home Jersey MEARS, JSA and Celtics LOAs 9983
29 Larry Bird Game Worn and Twice-Signed 1992 Summer Olympics USA #7 Jersey JSA, MEARS & Celtics LOAs PASS
30 Michael Jordan Signed Pro Cut Chicago Bulls Away Jersey from Historic 1995-96 Season (Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame LOA, MEARS and JSA) PASS
31 1996-97 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Rookie Game Used & Signed Sneakers JSA & MEARS PASS
32 1998-99 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game Used & Signed Crazy 8 Sneakers 2/14/1999 Lakers LOA, MEARS & JSA PASS
33 Nirvana Kurt Cobain Stage Used, Personally Owned and Signed Fender Amp PASS
34 Kurt Cobain Handwritten and Stage Used Nirvana "Nevermind Tour" Concert Setlist 6/21/1992 REAL 10000
35 Nirvana Band Signed “Nevermind” Album Insert REAL 7000
36 Pink Floyd Richard Wright Owned & Heavily Played Acoustic Guitar PASS
37 Pink Floyd Signed "The Wall" Album JSA & Floyd Authentic LOA PASS
38 Eddie Van Halen Played and Signed Custom Striped Kramer Frankenstrat Guitar with Eddie’s Cigarette Butts JSA PASS
39 Eddie Van Halen Played 1970s Pre-Charvel Prototype Boogie Bodies "Tone Bastard" Guitar PASS
40 Rolling Stones Bill Wyman Owned & Played EKO Violin Bass Guitar PASS
41 Eddie Van Halen Owned & “Balance” Recording Used Peavey 5150 Full Stack of Amps PASS
42 Van Halen Signed "Diver Down" Album JSA 3000
43 Slash Owned & Stage Played “Dust N Bones” Sanchez Custom Model Guitar 15000
44 Iron Maiden Janick Gers Owned & Stage Used Fender Stratocaster Signed by Band with Clive Burr JSA 12500
45 KISS Gene Simmons Band Signed, Owned and Stage Played Iconic Kramer Bass Axe JSA 7500
46 Bruce Springsteen Owned & Signed 1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue Guitar JSA 11000
47 Jerry Garcia Owned Travis Bean Guitar Neck 8500
48 Troy Aikman Game Worn and Signed 75th Anniversary Jersey Worn On 9/19/1994 JSA & Cowboys LOA PASS
49 Babe Ruth 2009 Topps Authentic 1/1 “Legends Of The Game” Card PASS
50 2006 Topps Signers of the Declaration of Independence John Adams 1 of 1 8000
51 Elon Musk Signed 8 x 10 Photograph JSA PASS
52 Elon Musk Signed One Dollar Bill JSA PASS
53 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Played 1966 Gibson Melody Maker Guitar 20000
54 George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Duane Allman "Layla" Sessions and "All Things Must Pass" Sessions Played Bobby Whitlock Vintage Martin D35 Guitar PASS
55 Concert for New York City 9/11 Signed Drumhead 15000
55 Concert for New York City 9/11 Signed Drumhead 15000
56 The Beatles Fully Signed Color PYX Photograph Beckett & Frank Caiazzo LOA PASS
57 Beatles Fully Signed "Love Me Do" Magazine Advertisement Frank Caiazzo LOA PASS
57a Beatles Signed 1965 First Class Pan Am Airlines Menu With Brian Epstein 20000
58 The Beatles 1963 George Harrison Radio Used Turntable PASS
59 Paul McCartney Hand-Drawn "London Town" Album Cover Artwork Hand-Titled and Annotated Sotheby's & Frank Caiazzo LOA PASS
60 Beatles 1965 HELP! Movie Premiere Signed Leg Cast Frank Caiazzo LOA & Photo Proof PASS
61 Beatles Paul McCartney Handwritten “Through Our Love” Lyrics Beckett PASS
62 The Beatles “Please Please Me” 1ST UK Mono “Black and Gold” Pressing LP PMC 1202 PASS
63 John Lennon Owned & Worn Striped Velour Shirt 0
64 John Lennon Owned and Worn Psychedelic Fuchsia Tunic 0
65 George Harrison Signed “Extra Texture (Read All About It)" Album JSA & Frank Caiazzo LOA 2420
66 George Harrison Owned & Used BOAC Travel Bag 2000
67 George Harrison "All Things Must Pass" Record Award Presented To George Harrison PASS
68 John Lennon Owned Engraved "Lennon" Silver Lighter 2363
69 The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Error LP PASS
70 Paul McCartney Signed “Yesterday and Today” Album Frank Caiazzo LOA 1089
71 The Beatles Original United Kingdom First Mono Pressing of “Please Please Me” PASS
72 John Lennon's Owned and Used Manny’s Medium Guitar Pick 1302
73 John Lennon's Owned and Used Epiphone Guitar Pick 733
74 The Beatles Original 1966 Suffolk Downs Concert Tickets (2) PASS
75 John Lennon & Yoko Ono Original Photographs (3) PASS
76 John Lennon Original Kodak Photographs Circa Late 1960's (6) PASS
77 John Lennon Original Kodak Photographs Circa Late 1960's (8) PASS
78 Paul McCartney Original Photographs PASS
79 The Beatles Original United Kingdom First Mono Pressing of’ “A Hard Day’s Night” 200
80 The Beatles Original United Kingdom First Mono Pressing of “With the Beatles” 200
81 The Beatles Original United Kingdom First Mono Pressing of "Help!” 200
82 The Beatles Original United Kingdom First Mono Pressing of "Beatles For Sale” 200
83 The Beatles Original United Kingdom First Mono Pressing of “Rubber Soul” “Loud” Cut 200
84 Beatles Original Winter Gardens Bournemouth Concert Ticket Stubs (2) 200
85 George Martin and Mike McGear (Mike McCartney) Signed Paul McCartney Concert Tour Book 50
86 Elvis Presley Original 1955 Auditorium Concert Poster 11713
87 Elvis Presley 1956 Signed Original Contract PASS
88 Elvis Presley "Stay Away Joe" Film Production Worn Red Wine Denim Jacket PASS
89 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Emerald and Diamond Ring 5000
90 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Blue Track Suit with Red and White Stripes PASS
91 Elvis Presley and Sweet Inspirations Myrna Smith Signed 1973 Original Performance Contract 5000
92 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Custom Made Cream Wool Jacket PASS
93 Elvis Presley 1950's Stage Worn Lansky Bros Custom Made Jacket, Shirt and Pants PASS
94 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn IC Costume Company Studded Vest 4000
95 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Leather Patchwork Jacket with Fur Trim PASS
96 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn 14kt Gold Diamond Cross Necklace 18366
97 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Gold Pavé Diamond Ring 13798
98 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Iconic Blue Suede Shoes 7786
99 Elvis Presley Owned & Signed Holy Bible With Name Embossed in Gold 5000
100 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Iconic Royal Blue IC Costume Company Shirt 2500
101 Elvis Presley 1970's Owned and Worn I.C. Costume Co. Custom Paisley Shirt PASS
102 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn "Superfly" Suede Trench Coat 4431
103 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Silver Turquoise Ring 3545
104 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn 14kt Gold and Diamond and Emerald Ring 5711
105 Elvis Presley's Owned and Worn Hand Tooled Leather Belt PASS
106 Elvis Presley Handwritten "Wild In The Country" Fan Letter With Envelope From 1962 2000
107 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Brown Suede Fringed Jacket 2420
108 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Western Embroidered Shirt PASS
109 Elvis Presley Signed "Elvis Presley" Debut Album Display JSA 4713
109a Elvis Presley Signed Photograph 2000
110 Elvis Presley Circa 1960's Owned and Worn Sy Devore Green Shirt PASS
111 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Fred Segal Light Blue Shirt Jacket 1500
112 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Sunglasses 1210
113 Elvis Presley Owned & Used Portable Telephone From Graceland 1612
114 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Brown Leather Boots 1210
115 Elvis Presley Signed and "Love Me Tender" Lyric Inscribed Original Photograph PASS
116 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Kings Road Blue & White Polka Dot Shirt 605
117 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Kings Road/Sears Red Knit Shirt 550
118 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Orange Cravat PASS
119 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Colorful Print Cravat 605
120 Elvis Presley Original Alfred Wertheimer Signed and Stamped Photograph PASS
121 Elvis Presley Original Alfred Wertheimer Signed and Stamped Photograph PASS
122 Elvis Presley Original Alfred Wertheimer Signed and Stamped Photograph PASS
123 Elvis Presley Original Alfred Wertheimer Signed and Stamped Photograph PASS
124 Elvis Presley Original Elvis On Tour 1971/1972 Backstage Passes (10) 1433
125 Elvis Presley Signed & Inscribed Original "Roustabout" Stamped Promotional Photograph with Joan Freeman 500
126 Elvis Presley Signed & Inscribed Original Publicity Photograph 1685
127 Elvis Presley Owned Crystal Glass Ashtray PASS
128 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Off-White Pajama Top With Black Piping 484
129 Elvis Presley "Fun In Acapulco" Movie Promo Passport 300
130 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Sears Peach and White Striped Necktie 405
131 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Tiger's Eye Cufflinks 722
132 Elvis Presley Owned & Gifted Las Vegas Hilton Hotel $1 Casino Chip 200
133 Elvis Presley Original Concert Snapshot Photographs (8) 405
134 Elvis Presley Original "Elvis In Concert" Building Personnel Backstage Passes (5) 963
135 Elvis Presley Original "Elvis Now" Las Vegas Backstage Concert Pass Pins (5) 541
136 Elvis Presley Original 1977 Concert Photographs (11) 303
137 Elvis Presley Owned 1974 Playboy Glass 250
138 Elvis Presley August 20 1977 Unused Full Concert Ticket 100
139 Elvis Presley Original Topps Gum Trading Cards (2) PASS
140 Elvis Presley "Hound Dog" Piels Coaster PASS
141 Elvis Presley Original Vintage "Hound Dog" Sheet Music 50
142 Elvis Presley Bubblegum Cards and Wrappers PASS
143 Elvis Presley January, 1956 “Cowboy Songs” Pinup 50
144 Bruce Springsteen Owned & Signed 1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue Guitar JSA 11000
145 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Signed “The River” Album JSA & REAL 3750
146 Bruce Springsteen "Tramps Like Us" Original Joe Petruccio Signed Painting PASS
147 Bruce Springsteen E Street Band Member Steven Van Zandt Signed Les Paul Guitar PASS
148 Bruce Springsteen Signed 1981 Vietnam Veterans Benefit Concert Poster JSA PASS
149 Bruce Springsteen Signed "Born in the U.S.A." Album Display PSA PASS
150 Bruce Springsteen "Magic Atlanta 2007" Original Danny Clinch Signed Print PASS
151 Bruce Springsteen First Magazines Display PASS
152 Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run” Original Platinum Record Award PASS
153 Bruce Springsteen Original "Hungry Heart Sound Check" Jim Marchese Signed Artist's Print Photograph PASS
154 Bruce Springsteen Shea Stadium 2003 Concert Print PASS
155 Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Circa 1975 Limited Edition Giclee Print PASS
156 Bruce Springsteen Original Ken Regan Signed Madison Square Garden 1978 Photograph PASS
157 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Original Tom James Signed Painting PASS
158 Bruce Springsteen Rare Vintage Early 1975' '7' The Hard Way Dice" Original Satin Jacket PASS
159 Bruce Springsteen Signed Rolling Stone Magazine JSA PASS
160 Bruce Springsteen Signed “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.” Album 400
161 Bruce Springsteen Original Annie Leibovitz "Born In The U.S.A." Outtake Album Cover Photograph PASS
162 Bruce Springsteen Original Steel Mill Concert Tickets (2) PASS
163 Bruce Springsteen “Born in the U.S.A.” Original In-House Record Award 300
164 Bruce Springsteen Stage Used Copy Concert Set List Display PASS
165 Bruce Springsteen "Born in the U.S.A." Original AAM Platinum Record Album Award Presented to The E Street Band 250
166 Bruce Springsteen “Greetings From Asbury Park” Original In-House Record Award PASS
167 Bruce Springsteen Steel Mill Original 1970 Concert Flyer Handbill 175
168 Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Original 1975 Twilight Series Music Inn Concert Flyer Handbill PASS
169 Bruce Springsteen Original Birthday Party Snapshot Photographs (2) 50
170 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Worn Brown Suede Shirt PASS
171 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Worn Silver and Jade Necklace PASS
172 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Worn Gold Amber Ring PASS
173 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Worn Silver Turquoise Bracelet 5711
174 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Worn 1960's Custom Moroccan Vest PASS
175 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Worn Silver and Turquoise Beaded Necklace PASS
176 Jimi Hendrix Original "Red House" Unauthorized Acetate PASS
177 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Worn "JH" Tie Clasp 1000
178 Jimi Hendrix Original 15.1.69 Stuttgart Concert Poster Used for 1969 U.S. Tour PASS
179 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Used Snuff Bottle with Stopper PASS
180 Elvis Presley Owned and Used Pipe 500
181 Jimi Hendrix Rare 1979 Warner Brothers Records #31 Card 0
182 Jimi Hendrix "Electric Church: A Visual Experience" Original 1969 Movie Concert Tour Program Ron Raffaelli 125
183 Bob Dylan Signed "Bringing It All Back Home" Album JSA PASS
184 Bob Dylan & Joan Baez Original 1965 Cardboard Concert Poster PASS
185 Bob Dylan Owned & Worn Nudie's Rodeo Pinstripe Western Shirt PASS
186 Bob Dylan Owned and Worn Custom Leather Tooled Cowboy Hat PASS
187 Bob Dylan "Bringing it All Back Home" Sally Grossman Album Cover Worn Red Jumpsuit 7259
188 Bob Dylan 1969 Nashville Skyline Poster 90
189 Bob Dylan 1997 Concert Poster Signed by Artist PASS
191 David Bowie Handwritten and Signed Poem (JSA LOA) With Large Amount of His Hair PASS
192 David Bowie Signed "Up The Hill Backwards" Album JSA PASS
193 David Bowie Signed "Heroes" Album David Bowie Autographs LOA 999
194 David Bowie Signed "Best of Bowie" Poster David Bowie Autographs LOA 750
195 David Bowie Vintage Signed “The World of David Bowie” Album David Bowie Autographs LOA 1302
196 David Bowie Vintage Signed 1973 Japanese Program David Bowie Autographs LOA 1433
197 David Bowie, Paul McCartney and Wings Original 1973 Leeds University Concert Flyer Handbill 100
198 Jim Morrison Handwritten "Anatomy of Rock” Poem From “127 Fascination” Box PASS
199 Jim Morrison "The New Creatures" Original First Edition Book PASS
200 Jim Morrison Owned & Worn Brown Leather Vest with Sheepskin Interior 3000
201 Jim Morrison Original "Young Lion" Joel Brodsky Contact Sheet 446
202 Cream Eric Clapton Band Signed Fender Stratocaster JSA 6050
203 Eric Clapton & Band Signed “August” Album REAL 750
204 Eric Clapton Signed "Derek and the Dominos In Concert" Album JSA PASS
205 Rolling Stones Keith Richards Signed & Lyrics Inscribed Fender Guitar Photo Proof PASS
206 Ronnie Wood Owned, Played, Signed & Lyrics Inscribed Fender Stratocaster Guitar With Hand Drawn Self-Portrait PASS
207 Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood Owned, Played & Inscribed Lyrics Fender Guitar 7500
208 Keith Richards Owned & Worn Custom Leather Jacket Also Worn by Keith Moon and John Entwistle 5000
209 Keith Richards Owned and Worn Rolling Stones "Hot Lips" Tooled Leather Visor PASS
210 Rolling Stones 1969 Concert Tour Poster Blank 50
211 Rolling Stones Original 2005 MGM Grand Concert Poster 255
212 Rolling Stones "A Bigger Bang" Rio Concert Viewing Poster 50
213 Grateful Dead Original 1966 Avalon Ballroom Family Dog Concert Flyer Handbill (FD-22) 250
214 Grateful Dead/KISS/Eagles/Billy Joel Original 1974 Concert Flyer Handbill 75
215 Further (Grateful Dead Lesh and Weir) Original 2010 New Year's Eve Concert Poster PASS
216 Rhythm Devils (Grateful Dead Lesh, Hart, Kreutzmann) Original 1981 Concert Poster PASS
217 Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company Signed 1968 Original First Columbia Records Contract also Signed by Clive Davis PASS
218 Janis Joplin Handwritten Address With Original 1968 Handbill PASS
219 Janis Joplin Signed Autograph Album Page JSA 2929
220 Janis Joplin Owned and Worn Blue Velvet Hat 1331
221 Janis Joplin Owned and Worn Beaded Necklace 1000
222 Janis Joplin Owned & Used Brown Leather Tooled Handbag PASS
223 Janis Joplin Owned and Worn Long-Sleeved Purple Velvet Top 1210
224 Janis Joplin's Owned and Used Psychedelic Purse 807
225 Original Big Brother and the Holding Company Family Dog Concert Poster 250
226 The Who Pete Townshend Handwritten "We're Not Gonna Take It" Lyrics from Tommy PASS
227 Les Paul & Pete Townshend Owned, Played and Signed Takamine Acoustic Guitar PASS
228 The Who Band Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend Signed "Who's Next" Album PASS
229 The Who John Entwistle Signed Hand Drawing on Stork Club Napkin PASS
230 The Who John Entwistle & Pete Townshend Stage Used Guitar Picks PASS
231 Pete Townshend Original Photograph PASS
232 The Who Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and Keith Moon Original Photograph 60
233 Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Signed "Led Zeppelin IV" Album JSA PASS
234 Led Zeppelin Signed 1977 U.S. Concert Tour Program PASS
235 Robert Plant Signed “In Through the Out Door” Album JSA PASS
236 Jimmy Page Signed Photograph 500
237 Robert Plant Signed “Led Zeppelin III” Album JSA 500
238 Robert Plant Signed Photograph PASS
239 Robert Palmer Original "Pressure Drop" Album Test Pressing 90
240 Syd Barrett Signed “Dance of the Lemmings” Album Inner Sleeve REAL PASS
241 Pink Floyd Richard Wright Signed Travel Document PASS
241A Pink Floyd Richard Wright Credit Card PASS
242 Pink Floyd Band Signed "Animals" Album JSA PASS
243 Pink Floyd Band Signed Photograph FA LOA PASS
244 Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” Signed Album by Gilmour & Waters FA LOA PASS
245 Pink Floyd "Division Bell" Stage Used Blimp 1000
246 Pink Floyd Richard Wright Owned and Worn Japanese Tour Jacket PASS
247 Black Sabbath Band Signed "Paranoid" Album REAL 1000
248 AC/DC Signed "High Voltage" European Album JSA PASS
249 AC/DC Stunning Band Signed “Back in Black” Album REAL PASS
250 AC/DC Bon Scott Signed Early Newspaper Photograph JSA 1465
251 AC/DC Signed “High Voltage” Album with Bon Scott Beckett PASS
252 AC/DC Brian Johnson and Angus Young Signed “For Those About to Rock” Album 175
253 Guns N Roses Slash Stage Used Guitar Pick Lot PASS
254 Guns N' Roses Band Signed Squire Guitar PASS
255 Guns N Roses Band Signed Vegas Concert Poster 2500
256 U2 Band Signed "The Unforgettable Fire" Display PASS
257 U2, Stone Temple Pilots & Lynyrd Skynyrd Stage Used Guitar Picks Lot 100
258 U2's Bono Signed " Self-Portrait" Original Drawing 825
259 U2 Bono Signed Concert Photograph PASS
260 U2 Bono Signed "Elevation Tour" Photograph PASS
261 Bono and Sting 1986 Original Ken Regan Stamped Photograph PASS
262 U2 Bono Signed "Zoo TV Tour" Magazine Photograph PASS
263 Van Halen Band Signed “5150” Album REAL PASS
264 Van Halen Band Signed Debut Album With David Lee Roth REAL PASS
265 Van Halen Band Signed “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” CD JSA PASS
266 Van Halen Band Signed Photograph JSA 1000
267 Eddie Van Halen Vintage Kramer Guitar 2000
268 Eddie Van Halen Signed Fender Telecaster Pickguard JSA PASS
269 Eddie Van Halen Owned and Studio Used DOD Phasor 201 Guitar Pedal PASS
270 Tom Petty Signed Photograph JSA 368
271 Tom Petty Signed Rolling Stone Magazine JSA 405
272 Tom Petty Handwritten "Love Is A Long Road" Lyrics PASS
273 Tom Petty Owned & Worn Tour Jacket PASS
274 Aerosmith Band Signed "Night in the Ruts" Album JSA PASS
275 Allman Brothers Band Signed "Win, Lose or Draw" Album JSA PASS
276 Allman Brothers Band Signed Photograph 363
277 Eagles Band Signed Takamine Acoustic Guitar JSA PASS
278 The Eagles Stage Used and Signed Setlist 1500
279 Eagles, King Crimson, Dr. John and More Original Concert Flyer Handbill PASS
280 Stevie Ray Vaughan Fender Prototype Tribute Guitar PASS
281 Stevie Ray Vaughan Handwritten and Three Times Signed Letter with Self-Portrait PASS
282 Stevie Ray Vaughan Signed Debut Album "Texas Flood" JSA PASS
283 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Band Signed “Couldn't Stand the Weather” Album REAL PASS
284 Stevie Ray Vaughan Signed "Live Alive" Album Display PSA 1100
285 The Clash Signed CBS 45 Record Sleeve PASS
286 Johnny Ramone Signed “It’s Alive” Album 225
287 Bernie Taupin "Rock Me When He's Gone" (Elton John) Original Handwritten Working Lyrics 1210
288 Stevie Nicks Hand Annotated "Rooms on Fire" Lyrics 1000
289 Stevie Nicks Original "Rock A Little" Album and Tour Artwork 125
290 Stevie Nicks Original Polaroid Photographs (2) 125
291 Fleetwood Mac Original Herbert Worthington Signed & Stamped Print 1976 PASS
292 Fleetwood Mac Band Signed “Say You Will” Tour Program PASS
293 Stevie Nicks Owned & Worn Rhinestone Crescent Moon Brooch PASS
294 Stevie Nicks Owned & Worn Black Bodysuit and Black Tiered Skirt PASS
295 Stevie Nicks Owned & Worn Red Sleeveless Dress PASS
296 Stevie Nicks Owned & Worn Black Velvet Dress PASS
297 The Beach Boys Band Signed “Endless Summer” Album REAL LOA PASS
298 Beach Boys Band Signed "All Summer Long" Album JSA PASS
299 Beach Boys, The Band, Van Morrison and More Original Circa 1970's Bill Graham Winterland Concert Poster PASS
300 Beach Boys/Paul Revere and The Raiders Original 1970 Concert Flyer Handbill PASS
301 Chicago Lead Singer Terry Kath Stage Worn Baseball Jersey PASS
302 Chicago Lead Singer Terry Kath Signed Chicago Blackhawks Jersey PASS
303 Nirvana Kurt Cobain Handwritten Unreleased Song Lyrics PASS
304 Nirvana Signed “Hormoaning” CD Cover REAL PASS
305 Kurt Cobain Nirvana Stage Used Orange Guitar Pick 807
306 Kurt Cobain Stage Used Guitar Pick 400
307 Oasis Noel Gallagher Signed Rare Japanese Flyers (4) PASS
308 Oasis Signed “Keep the Dream Alive” Sheet Music PASS
309 Oasis Signed "Summer Sonic" Rare Japanese Flyer 150
310 Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder Signed Photograph JSA 400
311 Chuck Berry Owned, Signed & Stage Used Gibson Guitar PASS
312 ZZ Top Dusty Hill Signed & Stage Played Precision Bass Guitar PASS
313 Judas Priest KK Downing Owned & Stage Used ESP Eclipse Guitar PASS
314 Motley Crue Nikki Sixx Stage Used & Signed Signature Black Bass Guitar 9075
315 1989 Bolin Batman & Joker Custom Made Electric Guitars PASS
316 Zakk Wylde Signed & Stage Used Purple Guitar PASS
317 Zakk Wylde Signature Custom Les Paul “Bullseye” Guitar PASS
318 Sevendust John Connolly Owned & Studio Played Fire Signature Epiphone Guitar PASS
319 Sevendust John Connolly Owned & Studio Epiphone Electric Guitar PASS
320 Sevendust John Connolly Owned & Studio Used Blue Danelectro Guitar PASS
321 Mark Tremonti Owned and Stage Used Squire Stratocaster Guitar PASS
322 Kenny Wayne Signed Fender Guitar PASS
323 Creed Band Signed Red Fender Guitar PASS
324 Alter Bridge Band Signed "Creed" Washburn Acoustic Guitar 500
325 Evanescence Band Signed Acoustic Guitar PASS
326 Limp Bizkit Band Signed Guitar PASS
327 Garth Brooks Signed Red Acoustic Guitar 1735
328 Creed Band Signed Guitar 500
329 Spiderman Airbrushed Silver Sparkle Guitar PASS
330 Queen Signed “Thank God It’s Christmas” Single JSA & REAL 2000
331 Queen Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor Signed and Worn Sunglasses JSA 2000
332 Queen Freddie Mercury Owned and Worn Green Velour Bathrobe PASS
333 Queen Freddie Mercury Stage Worn Purple Mesh Shirt PASS
334 Paul Stanley's KISS 2000 Farewell Tour Played and Signed Steve Carr Custom Mirror Guitar 9435
335 Paul Stanley's KISS 2001 Farewell Signed Steve Carr Custom Washburn Guitar PASS
336 Paul Stanley Signature Washburn PS2000 “Caramel Burst” Electric Guitar 1952
337 Paul Stanley Farewell Tour Stage Used PS2000 Washburn Guitar 3300
338 Paul Stanley Signed Signature PS500 Washburn Electric Guitar 977
339 Paul Stanley Signed and Numbered Signature Rose PS2000 Guitar 2420
340 Gene Simmons Signed Punisher Bass Guitar 2200
341 KISS Gene Simmons Unfinished Prototype of “Double Headed” AXE Guitar 6434
342 KISS Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley & Ace Frehley Stage Used Guitar Pick Lot 150
343 1979 KISS Paul Stanley Dynasty Tour Stage Used Guitar Pick PASS
344 Gene Simmons Signed Limited Edition “Sex Money Kiss” 90
345 Ace Frehley Signed Lightning Bolt Guitar Strap PASS
346 Ace Frehley Signed KISS "Love Gun Set #3" Custom Stage Space Armbands also Signed by Maria Contessa 400
347 Prince Handwritten Lyrics for “The Ladder” REAL 29233
348 Rare official 1987 Prince 'Black Album' Proof Sleeve and Promo Cassette PASS
349 Prince Owned and Worn Sheer Black Scarf with White Polka Dots 1531
350 Prince Replica White Cloud Guitar PASS
351 Prince Stage Used Guitar Picks Lot 550
352 Prince Original Archive PASS
353 Prince Original Archive PASS
354 The Band Robbie Robertson Signed "The Weight" Sheet Music Display 400
355 Michael Jackson Signed 16 x 20 "Thriller" Metallic Print PASS
356 Michael Jackson Signed 16 x 20 Original "Thriller" Artwork on Canvas PASS
357 Michael Jackson Original Flag Hung at Neverland Valley Ranch 2000
358 Michael Jackson Signed Hand-Drawn Self-Portrait REAL PASS
359 Michael Jackson Signed “Bad” Album JSA 2929
360 Michael Jackson Owned and Worn Jeans and T-Shirt With Make-up Stains 1000
361 Michael Jackson Owned and Worn Black Ray-Ban Sunglasses PASS
362 Michael Jackson Signed "An Enchanted Day In Neverland" Original Golden Ticket PASS
363 Michael Jackson King of Pop Limited Edition History Tour Jacket PASS
364 Michael Jackson Owned & Worn Short Grey Jacket PASS
365 Michael Jackson Owned and Worn Blue Argyle Socks PASS
366 Michael Jackson Owned “Neverland” Valley Visitor Gift Box 1044
367 Michael Jackson Owned Original "Michael's Magical Mystery Book" Third Prototype 1998 200
368 Michael Jackson's "Giggling in the Dark" Original Audition Script 100
369 Michael Jackson Owned People Magazines 275
370 Michael Jackson Owned Program and "Remember the Times" Special Release Newsletter 368
371 Michael Jackson's Dangerous Tour Crew Shirt PASS
372 Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Shirt 175
373 Jackson 5 Signed "Third Album" JSA PASS
374 Jackson Family Member Posters (4) 50
375 Joe Jackson Signed “jocola” Soft Drink Poster PASS
376 Janet Jackson Original Handwritten Lyrics 500
377 Bob Marley and The Wailers 1973 Band Signed "Catch A Fire" Album JSA & REAL PASS
378 Bob Marley Signed "Catch a Fire" Magazine Picture JSA PASS
379 Albert Grossman Bob Marley Original Kate Simon Stamped Tour Photograph 200
380 B.B. King Signed Epiphone Guitar PASS
381 B.B. King Owned and Played St. Blues Guitar PASS
382 B.B. King Owned and Played Cuatro Instrument PASS
383 Tupac Shakur Handwritten & Signed Original Controversial "Makaveli" Liner Notes PASS
384 Tupac Shakur Personally Owned & Worn 14kt Gold Diamond Ring PASS
385 Tupac Shakur Personally Owned Hand-Annotated "Live 2 Tell" Original Script PASS
386 Tupac Shakur Signed “Release of Funds” to Yaasmyn Fula PASS
387 Tupac Shakur "Me Against The World" Handwritten Set List JSA PASS
388 Tupac Shakur Handwritten & Signed Envelope from Prison 2000
389 Tupac Shakur Owned & Worn Red "Do-Rag" Bandana 1331
390 Tupac Shakur Publicity Photograph with Facsimile Signature 100
391 Eminem "Berserk" Music Video Worn Nike Air Max Sneakers 1100
392 Eminem Stage Worn Hat 300
393 J.I.D. "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Stage Worn Custom Balmain Paris Signed by Artist Moda PASS
394 NWA Eazy E Signed "Real Muthaphuckkin G's" Photograph Lot JSA 8565
395 Master P Owned & Worn "No Limit" Custom Made Jersey PASS
396 Aaliyah Signed & Inscribed Promotional Photograph JSA 2197
397 Beastie Boys Signed Promotional Photograph and Archive JSA 1500
398 Wu-Tang Clan Club Original Archive with Photo Signed By "The Wutang Clan" PASS
399 West Side Connection Signed Photographs and Concert Archive 500
400 Snoop Doggy Dogg Signed Magazine and Archive PASS
401 Gangstarr Group Signed & Inscribed Photograph and Concert Ticket 500
402 George Clinton Self-Portrait Drawing & Autograph Archive 250
403 Tupac Shakur Original Archive 250
404 Run DMC Signed Photograph PASS
405 Da Lench Mob Signed Photograph with Concert Ticket 200
406 Cypress Hill Signed Photograph and Concert Tickets 200
407 Salt -n- Pepa and DJ Spinderella Signed Photograph and Concert Archive PASS
408 Mary J. Blige Signed Original Archive PASS
409 Outkast Signed Promotional Photograph and After Party Invitation 200
410 Goodie Mob Signed & Inscribed Promotional Photograph 150
411 Terminator X & Whodini Signed & Inscribed Promotional Photograph PASS
412 Lost Boyz Signed & Inscribed Promotional Photograph 200
413 Kris Kross Chris Smith and Chris Kelly Signed Promotional Photograph 150
414 Notorious B.I.G. and Coolio Original 1995 L.A. Arena Original Concert Ticket 963
415 Mary Jane Girls Signed T-Shirt (3) with Black Garter Belt PASS
416 Death Row Records Original 1996 Newsletter 70
417 James Brown Owned and Worn Striped Purple Leather Dress Shoes PASS
418 James Brown Stage Worn Custom Off-White Tuxedo 2000
419 James Brown Owned & Worn Wine Pants and Sheer White and Gold Tunic Shirt PASS
420 James Brown Owned and Worn Gold Ring with Pink Stone 1302
421 James Brown Owned & Worn Gold Ring with Green Stone 1302
422 James Brown Owned & Worn Two-Toned Leather Shoes 500
423 James Brown Owned & Used Silver Plated "JB" Initial Engraved Coasters 125
424 James Brown Stage Worn, Owned & Worn Green Knit Short-Sleeved Shirt 200
425 James Brown Owned & Worn Brown Wool Jacket with Dark Blue Pants PASS
426 James Brown Owned and Worn Green Pants PASS
427 The Beatles "Introducing The Beatles" Album Owned by Sammy Davis, Jr. PASS
428 Thelonious Monk Signed “Brilliant Corners” Album JSA PASS
429 Wilson Pickett Signed Original Contact Sheet Display PASS
430 Little Richard Owned and Worn Short-Sleeved Gold Shirt with Collar PASS
431 Muddy Waters Signed Display PSA/DNA PASS
432 Ray Charles Original Photograph PASS
433 W. C. Handy Signed Letter (Handy Brothers Music Co Letterhead 1957) JSA 150
434 Otis Williams (Temptations)Twice Signed Apollo Theater Program with LOA 100
435 Screamin' Jay Hawkins Signed Photograph 405
436 Earl King Signed and Numbered 1991 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Poster PASS
437 Duke Ellington Original Painting of "The Ellington Suites" Album Cover 100
438 Stevie Wonder Vintage Signed Album Page 368
439 Glenn Miller Signed and Inscribed “Moonlight Serenade” Sheet Music 50
440 The Four Tunes Vocal Quartet Signed Photograph PASS
441 The Five Keys Vocal Group Signed Photograph PASS
442 Bo Diddley Signed Photograph 60
443 The Drifters Signed Photograph 40
444 Lionel Hampton Signed Photograph and Cut Signature JSA 25
445 Fats Domino Signed Photograph and Cut Signature JSA 80
446 Johnny Cash Handwritten Religious Notes 300
447 Johnny Cash Handwritten "Judas" Religious School Assignment PASS
448 Willie Nelson Original 1984 Concert Poster PASS
449 Johnny Cash Original 1968 Concert Flyer Handbill with June Carter and Carl Perkins 85
450 John Denver's Owned & Worn Wrangler Denim Jacket PASS
451 Original 1967 NARAS Grammy Award Nomination Plaque for The Association "Windy" 700
452 Original 1966 NARAS Grammy Award Nomination Plaque for The Association "Cherish" 700
453 Original 1967 NARAS Grammy Award Nomination Plaque for The Association "Never My Love" 700
454 Dave Mason Original "Dave Mason" Album Acetate 80
455 Patti Smith Original Archive PASS
456 Paul Butterfield Blues Band Original 2nd Printing Fillmore Auditorium Concert Poster 100
457 The Goo Goo Dolls Band Signed and Numbered Original Concert Poster 125
458 Pursuit of Happiness Concert Poster PASS
459 Thin Lizzy Original Band Members Signed "Renegade Tour '81" Program (5) PASS
460 Jeff Beck, Jethro Tull, Joe Cocker and More Original 1968 Marquee Club Concert Flyer Handbill 75
461 Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, The Nice and More Original Concert Flyer Handbill 75
462 Stevie Winwood and Traffic, Spencer Davis Group, Jeff Beck and More Original Concert Flyer Handbill 75
463 Ramones 1982 Original Concert Flyer Handbill 50
464 Stork Club Rare Original Tabletop Card PASS
465 No Doubt 1997 Rock Show Tour VIP Backstage Pass Collection PASS
466 John Cougar Mellencamp 1985-86 Scarecrow Tour Denim Jacket 100
467 Mariah Carey Vintage Signed Album Page 60
468 Lot of 3 Index Cards with Signatures from Johnny Carson, John P. Ryan, and Gary Hart PASS
469 Lot of 7 Index Cards with Signatures from Ted Nugent, Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, Dottie West, Kris Kristofferson, Peter Noone, and Julius LaRossa 175
470 Mariah Carey Signed Poster and Concert Archive Display PASS
471 Jefferson Airplane Signed "White Rabbit" Lyrics Sheet 125
472 The Police Band Signed “Zenyatta Mondatta” Album REAL LOA PASS
473 Van Morrison Signed “Moondance” Album REAL 825
474 The Cars Band Signed “Candy-O” Album With All Five Members JSA & REAL 2925
475 R.E.M. Band Signed “Monster” Album REAL 500
476 Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin Signed “Love Devotion Surrender” Album REAL PASS
477 George Michael Signed “The Edge of Glory!” Single JSA 400
478 The Band Signed Self-Titled Album Display PSA/DNA 825
479 Duran Duran Band Signed & Inscribed Self-Titled Album JSA PASS
480 Genesis Band Signed “Duke” Album with Phil Collins JSA 862
481 Morrissey Signed & Inscribed “Suedehead” Record JSA PASS
482 Morrissey Signed & Inscribed “I Started Something I Couldn't Finish” Record JSA PASS
483 Randy Bachman Signed Solo Album PASS
484 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Band Signed "Trilogy” Album 150
485 Peter Noone Signed “Herman’s Hermits 15 Greatest Hits” Album PASS
486 David Johansen Signed “Live It Up” Album 50
487 Rick Derringer Signed “Derringer Live” Album PASS
488 Eddie Money Signed “Life for the Taking” 125
489 Arlo Guthrie Signed “The Best of Arlo Guthrie” Album 60
490 Don McLean Signed “American Pie” Album 70
491 Elvin Bishop Signed “Hog Heaven” Album PASS
492 James Taylor Signed “Walking Man” Album 50
493 Richard Clayderman Signed “Amour” Album PASS
494 Vanessa Williams Signed “The Right Stuff” Album PASS
495 Robin Quivers Signed Autobiography 50
496 Bad Company Band Signed Debut Album JSA PASS
497 George Michael Signed "Heal The Pain" 12" EP Album PASS
498 Delaney Bramlett and Bonnie Bramlett. Signed "The Best of Delaney & Bonnie" Album PASS
499 Diana Ross and the Supremes Signed "Captured Live On Stage!" Album PASS
500 Grand Funk Railroad Band Signed Drumhead 200
501 Coldplay Band Signed Promotional Photograph PASS
502 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Eye Glasses PASS
503 Albert Grossman Signed Original Passport 175
504 Albert Grossman Custom Suit from the 1960's PASS
505 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Brown Leather Jacket PASS
506 Albert Grossman Owned Large Oversized Artistic Photograph PASS
507 Albert Grossman Original Photograph PASS
508 Albert Grossman Original Photograph PASS
509 Albert Grossman Original Photograph PASS
510 Original Albert Grossman Photograph PASS
511 Albert Grossman with Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward Original Photograph 50
512 Albert Grossman Original Photograph PASS
513 Muddy Waters Original Photograph 0
514 Albert Grossman Original Photograph 50
515 Albert Grossman Original Photograph PASS
516 Albert Grossman Original Photograph PASS
517 Albert Grossman Owned Baseball Trading Card Collection (100) 368
518 Albert Grossman Owned Collection of Songbooks 80
519 Albert Grossman Owned Books with Hand Annotations and Signature PASS
520 Albert Grossman Owned Books PASS
521 10,000 Maniacs Original Visionary Award for MTV Unplugged PASS
522 Albert Grossman's Heavy Metal Magazine Collection PASS
523 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Denim Jeans PASS
524 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Denim Jeans PASS
525 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Denim Jeans PASS
526 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Denim Jeans PASS
527 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
528 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Long-Sleeved Button Down Shirt PASS
529 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Long-Sleeved Button Down Shirt PASS
530 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
531 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
532 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
533 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
534 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
535 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
536 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
537 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Jacket PASS
538 Albert Grossman Owned & Worn Dress Pants PASS
539 Albert Grossman Owned Concert T-Shirt Collection 150
540 Albert Grossman Owned & Used Luggage 100
541 Albert Grossman Original Travel Document Archive PASS
542 Kelly Clarkson Music Video "Behind These Hazel Eyes" Worn & Signed Wedding Dress 5000
543 Lady Gaga "American Horror Story: Hotel" Screen Worn Two-Piece Red Gown 4000
544 Lady Gaga Porter Magazine Worn Vintage Kimono Robe PASS
545 Lady Gaga Event Worn Sheer Shinsuke Mitsuoka Custom Outfit PASS
546 Lady Gaga 2014 Istanbul Worn Orange Satin and Fur Dressing Gown with Matching Shorts PASS
547 Lady Gaga "V Magazine" Cover Worn Powder Blue Wool Corset PASS
548 Lady Gaga: The Countess “American Horror Story: Hotel” Screen Worn Wine Velvet and Fur Robe PASS
549 Lady Gaga 2017 Toronto Film Festival and Stage Worn Colin/Horgan Custom Patent Black Flare Pants PASS
550 Lady Gaga Sukkiri Japanese TV Show Worn Liberum Arbitrium Black Dress PASS
551 Lady Gaga Vintage Alaïa Herringbone Dress Worn for 2017 American Music Awards Appearance PASS
552 Lady Gaga Japanese TV Interview Worn Custom Long Black Sculpted "Hand on Breast" Dress PASS
553 Lady Gaga Worn Silver, Gold and Black Leotard PASS
554 Lil Nas X Grammy Nominated Promotion Worn Snakeskin Suit PASS
555 Lil Nas X Rolling Stone Magazine Worn B James Red Leather "Hollywood Boy Jacket" PASS
556 Lizzo Red Carpet Worn Miscreants Animal Print Track Suit PASS
557 Amy Winehouse Owned and Twice-Signed Boots JSA PASS
558 Avril Lavigne "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Worn Gretzel Milano Black Gown PASS
559 Avril Lavigne "People" Magazine Worn Custom Pink Gown PASS
560 Beyoncé Owned & Worn "Ivy Park" Bodysuit PASS
561 Beyoncé “On The Run Tour II” Stage Worn Iconic Custom White Lace Outfit PASS
562 Beyoncé "In Style Magazine" Worn Bill Blass Rainbow Chiffon Gown PASS
563 Billie Eilish "Everything, Everything" iHeartRadio 2017 Screening Worn Yellow Shirt PASS
564 Billie Eilish Photoshoot Worn Jackson Digby London Pink Outfit 4000
565 Britney Spears "3" Music Video Worn Black Tights PASS
566 Britney Spears Stage Worn Red White and Blue Fringed Bra Top and Shorts with Rhinestones PASS
567 Cardi B Silver Bodysuit Worn in Fat Joe "YES" Music Video PASS
568 Cardi B "Femme It Forward" Tour Stage Worn Custom Purple Fringe Costume PASS
569 Christina Aguilera Owned and Worn "Jet" Pink Hoodie Sweatshirt PASS
570 Christina Aguilera Event Worn Hervé Léger Bandage Dress PASS
571 Christina Aguilera Owned and Worn "Back to Basic" Black Dress PASS
572 Gwen Stefani "The Voice" Stage Worn Custom Black Dress PASS
573 Jennifer Lopez “In the Morning” Music Video Worn Metallic Outfit PASS
574 Jennifer Lopez Signed, Owned and Worn White Diamante Hoodie PASS
575 Katy Perry American Idol Grand Finale Season 19 Stage Worn Purple Simona Corsellini Dress PASS
576 Katy Perry MTV Video Music Awards Promo Video & Interview Worn Black Leather Cross Crop Top PASS
577 Madonna Owned & Used Original "Who's That Girl" (Slammer) Call Sheet and Production Documents 200
578 Madonna Signed & Inscribed Herb Ritts "Vogue" Photograph 1000
579 Madonna Harper's Bazaar Magazine 150th Anniversary Photoshoot Worn Custom Black Lace & Tulle Cape PASS
580 Rihanna Vogue Paris Magazine Photoshoot Worn White Corset PASS
581 Rihanna "Interview Magazine" Photoshoot Worn Leopard Catsuit (Bodysuit) PASS
582 Rihanna "Talk That Talk" Music Video Worn Christopher Kane Black Net Blouse PASS
583 Rihanna "Rude Boy" Music Video Worn Gold Catsuit (Bodysuit) PASS
584 Taylor Swift Signed and Stylized “Folklore” Guitar JSA 541
585 Taylor Swift Owned and Worn Pale Pink Lace Bra 700
586 Taylor Swift "1989" Secret Sessions Party Worn Skirt PASS
587 Taylor Swift Owned & Worn Blue and White Striped Top and Skirt PASS
588 Taylor Swift Owned & Worn Black and White Bodysuit PASS
589 Taylor Swift Owned & Worn Peach Lace Dress PASS
590 Taylor Swift "Valentine's Day" Film Worn Plaid Tunic Blouse 0
591 Whitney Houston Signed and Inscribed “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) 45 Record Sleeve JSA 500
592 Whitney Houston Owned & Worn Royal Blue Midriff Top and Matching Pants Outfit 0
593 Whitney Houston Signed Album Page 405
594 Miley Cyrus Owned & Worn Black and White Striped Tube Top with Bow PASS
595 Miley Cyrus Owned & Worn DXMEPIECE "Oh Shit" Crop Top PASS
596 Miley Cyrus Owned & Worn Black and White Striped Bodysuit PASS
597 Miley Cyrus Owned and Worn Navy Blue and White Sleeveless Top PASS
598 Miley Cyrus Owned & Worn DXMEPIECE White Cropped Hoodie PASS
599 Miley Cyrus "Hannah Montana" Screen Worn Black Bustier with Orange Flowers PASS
600 Nicki Minaj “Hard White” Music Video Worn Metallic Outfit PASS
601 Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday Tour" Stage Worn Jeremy Scott Custom Denim Graffiti Jacket and Shorts PASS
602 Spice Girls Group Signed Official 1998 Calendar PASS
603 Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Worn Little Black Dress from "Spice World: The Movie" and VMA Awards 2000
604 Spice Girl Mel B "Tell Me" Single Cover Worn Black Sheer Trousers & Black Negligée PASS
605 Spice Girl Emma Bunton "If You Can't Dance" Opening Number Stage Worn Purple Dress from First Ever Live Concert in Istanbul PASS
606 Spice Girls "Naked" First Ever Live Concert in Istanbul Stage Worn Custom Hooded Black Robes PASS
607 Spice Girls Mel B, Mel C & Emma Bunton “Spice Force Five” Costumes Worn During "Spice World: The Movie" PASS
608 Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Stage Worn “Victoria” Jacket PASS
609 Spice Girl Mel B U.K. Walkers Crisps TV Advertisement Worn Custom Leopard Print Robe PASS
610 Spice Girl Victoria Beckham 2007-2008 Reunion Tour Worn Posh Spice T-Shirt PASS
611 Spice Girl Mel C 2001 Brit Awards Worn Custom White Leather Backless Jacket PASS
612 Spice Girl Melanie C Stage Worn Cream Top Hat PASS
613 Spice Girl Melanie C "Headlines" Promotion Worn Black Tuxedo PASS
614 Justin Timberlake Owned & Worn William Rast Green jacket With Pink and Red Stripes PASS
615 KC and The Sunshine Band Harry Wayne Casey Custom Stage Worn Multi-Color Elaborately Studded Costume PASS
616 Alice Cooper Stage Worn Shirt with His Blood from His Personal Collection PASS
617 Ed Sheeran Personally Owned & Stage Worn Colombia Shirt (Bogota 2015) PASS
618 Kacey Musgraves "Oh What A World Tour" Stage Worn Red Tulle Tiered Pants PASS
619 Chris Brown "Leave Broke" Music Video Worn Mickey Mouse Reversible Sweatshirt PASS
621 Aretha Franklin Owned and Worn Black and Gold Blouse PASS
622 Grace Slick Owned & Worn Multi-Colored Vest PASS
623 Cher Circa 1990's Worn Sheer Black Fishnet Bodysuit PASS
624 Heart Ann Wilson Stage Worn Black Dress PASS
625 En Vogue Cindy Herron "Rocket" Music Video Worn Custom Feather Embellished Bra Top PASS
626 Justin Timberlake Stage Worn "Girls Gone Wild" Trucker Hat PASS
627 Courtney Love Early Stage Worn Victoria's Secret Black Babydoll Teddy PASS
628 Courtney Love Early Stage Worn Long Pale Pink/Grey Robe PASS
629 Mama Cass Elliot Owned & Worn Daisy Flower Pins PASS
630 Princess Diana of Wales Owned & Worn Bruce Oldfield Couture Navy Blue Coat Dress PASS
631 Princess Diana of Wales Owned & Worn Iconic Bruce Oldfield Custom Black Velvet Dress 1952
632 Barbra Streisand "The Concert" at Madison Square Garden Poster PASS
633 Barbra Streisand Owned & Worn Black Pencil Skirt 125
634 Frank Sinatra Owned and Worn Vest PASS
635 Frank Sinatra Owned & Worn Custom Cyril A. Castle Tuxedo with Tails PASS
636 1939 Movie Theatre Broadside Featuring Boris Karloff “The Man They Could Not Hang” 80
637 1939 Movie Theatre Holiday Broadside Featuring Humphrey Bogart “The Return of Dr. X.” 80
638 Terry Jones Signed “Monty Python Live! At City Center” Album PASS
639 Marilyn Monroe "Norma Jeane DiMaggio" Signed 1954 Korea ID for Entertaining the Troops PASS
640 Marilyn Monroe Signed 1951 Letter PASS
641 Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio Signed Checks Display 3000
642 Marilyn Monroe Original Limited Edition Andre de Dienes Private Collection Uncut Card Sheet PASS
643 Marilyn Monroe Original Limited Edition Andre de Dienes Private Collection Uncut Card Sheet PASS
644 Marilyn Monroe Owned & Worn Gown and Shawl 0
645 Marilyn Monroe's Personally Owned & Worn Scarf from the Collection of Arthur Miller 1000
646 Marilyn Monroe Owned & Worn Black Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater 5576
647 Marilyn Monroe's Personally Owned Copy of "Look Who's Abroad Now" by Earl Wilson PASS
648 Marilyn Monroe Reproduction Certificate of Conversion to Judaism PASS
649 Marilyn Monroe Original 1962 Bert Stern Signed Contact Sheet 400
650 Marilyn Monroe Original "Some Like It Hot" Movie Promotion PASS
651 Marilyn Monroe Black and White Sam Shaw Photograph PASS
652 Marilyn Monroe Original Color Photograph PASS
653 Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio Photograph 100
654 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Cast Signed Original Screenplay 963
655 "Gone With The Wind" Original Movie Poster (1939) PASS
656 Wizard of Oz Limited Edition Doll Collection PASS
657 Fred Astaire and Red Skelton Signed “Thinking of You” Sheet Music 125
658 Jerry Lewis Signed “That’s Amore” Sheet Music 175
659 James W. Coburn, Ryan O'Neal, Mike Douglas, Nick Nolte, Sid Caesar and Walter Matthau Signed Photograph Lot (6) 80
660 Stacy Keach Signed Letter PASS
661 Actress Betty Welsh Signed 1918 Sheet Music 25
662 Vincente Minnelli Signed Letter and Signed Photograph 30
663 Jeanette MacDonald Signed Letter PASS
664 Vintage Western Actor Signed Lot With Al Jennings (Lot of 4) 50
665 Bob Hope Signed Letter 25
666 Tony Curtis Signed Photograph PASS
667 Harold Lloyd Inscribed Cut Signature 100
668 Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Cut Signatures 1928 80
669 Ray Bolger Signed Photograph 50
670 Richard Burton Signed Photograph 50
671 Shirley Temple Signed “Child Star” Autobiography PASS
672 Tom Cruise Vintage Signed Notebook Paper 275
673 Natalie Wood Signed Index Card 150
674 Joan Crawford Signed Letter (1949) JSA 40
675 Christopher Reeve Signed "Superman" Photograph JSA 1283
676 Alec Guinness Vintage Signed and Inscribed Photograph JSA 80
677 Peter Cushing Signed "Brides of Dracula" Publicity Photograph JSA 100
678 Ingrid Bergman Handwritten Note Card to Eva Le Gallienne JSA 150
679 Charlie Chaplin Cut Signature (1929) JSA 875
680 Harold Lloyd Cut Signature (1939) JSA 80
681 Ingrid Bergman Signed Letter “Joan of Arc” JSA 70
682 Arthur Treacher Signed Photograph JSA PASS
683 Fay Wray Cut Signature JSA 80
684 Shirley Temple Black Signed Photograph JSA 150
685 Marlene Dietrich Signed Photo Postcard JSA PASS
686 Clint Eastwood’s “White Hunter, Black Heart” Movie Poster PASS
687 Richard Attenborough Signed “Chaplin” Movie Poster 50
688 Marlon Brando Signed & Inscribed Original Photograph with Salvador Dali JSA PASS
689 Audrey Hepburn Signed & Inscribed Photograph 1026
690 Spike Lee Signed "Mo' Better Blues" Promotional Postcard 50
691 Easy Rider Cast Signed 11 x 14 Photograph 750
692 Robin Williams Signed "Mrs. Doubtfire" Photograph 200
693 Tom Mix Signed Letter and Original Photograph (c1928) JSA LOA PASS
694 Rudolph Valentino "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" Film Worn Shirt PASS
695 Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon Signed "Beach Party" Movie Poster 100
696 Bette Davis Signed Photograph JSA 25
697 Audrey Hepburn Cut Signature Beckett LOA 875
698 Vivien Leigh Signed & Inscribed Photograph 125
699 Female Celebrity Signed Photograph Lot (9) 150
700 Female Celebrity Signed Photograph Lot (7) 100
701 Male Celebrity Signed Photograph Lot (5) 70
702 Male Celebrity Signed Photograph Lot (8) 80
703 John Wayne Signed Original Photograph JSA PASS
704 Andrews Sisters Signed Wrigley Photograph 25
705 Jerry Lewis Owned & Used Light Brown Leather Wallet PASS
706 Adam West Signed “Back to the Batcave” Book 70
707 Adam West & Burt Ward Signed "Batman and Robin" Photograph JSA 100
708 Johnny Carson Signed Cachet Envelopes (2) JSA 80
709 Raymond Burr Signed Photographs (2) JSA 60
710 Nancy Sinatra Signed Playboy Magazine 50
711 Marlon Brando Handwritten Notes PASS
712 "The Beverly Hillbillies" Cast Signed Original Script 250
713 2010 Panini Century Collection Hollywood George Burns Signed Check Cut 002/100 PASS
714 Original Walter Lantz Signed Woody Woodpecker Cel with Hand Painted Background PASS
715 Walt Disney Signed & Inscribed Original Photograph PASS
716 Charles Schulz Signed Photograph JSA 175
717 Charles Schulz Signed Snoopy Print JSA 405
718 Frank Willard Signed Moon Mullins Art Page JSA 50
719 Al Hirschfeld Signed FDC Envelope JSA 30
720 Rube Goldberg Signed Postage First Day of Issue Card Beckett COA PASS
721 Chic Young Blondie 1931 Daily Comic Strip Original Art PASS
722 Lot of 5 Illustrators’ Drawings and Signatures JSA 50
723 Fat Boys Signed 8 x 10 Photograph BGS PASS
724 Andy Warhol "Urinal (Homage to Marcel Duchamp) Original Polaroid Photograph 1302
725 Robert Mapplethorpe Original Charles "Torso" Polaroid Photograph 1750
726 Robert Mapplethorpe Original "Charles Torso" Work Print 8 x 10 PASS
727 Robert Mapplethorpe Rare Original "Charles Torso" Work Print Photograph 8 x 10 PASS
728 Robert Mapplethorpe Original "Charles Torso" Work Print 8 x 10 PASS
729 Robert Mapplethorpe Original "Charles Torso" Work Print Photograph 11 x 14 PASS
730 Robert Mapplethorpe Original Whitney Museum Exhibition Book Owned by Model Charles PASS
731 Rare Robert Mapplethorpe 1999 Calendar PASS
732 Peter Max Signed 1977 Giclee Print on Canvas PASS
733 Peter Max Signed 1976 “My Love Is America, Vote!” Print 250
734 Theodor Geisel “Dr. Seuss” Original Hand Drawn Concept Artwork PASS
735 Original Walter Lantz Signed Woody Woodpecker Cel with Hand Painted Background 400
736 Gary Patterson Signed Art Print “Batter Up” 20
737 Hagar the Horrible Limited Edition Classcom Comic Print by Dik Browne PASS
738 Frank and Ernest Original Comic Art Signed and Inscribed by Artist Bob Thaves PASS
739 Walt Disney Animators William Justice & Jim Kim Signed “Dopey” Original Artwork 100
740 Heathcliff Original Comic Art Signed and Inscribed by George Gately PASS
741 “Rose is Rose” Original Comic Art Signed and Inscribed by Pat Brady 50
742 Maurice Sendak Signed and Inscribed Sundance Children's Theater Poster 60
743 “Barney Google and Snuffy Smith” Original Comic Art Signed by Fred Lasswell 50
744 Chic Young Blondie 1931 Daily Comic Strip Original Art PASS
745 Peter Max Signed 1990 Hard Rock Café Signature Series T-Shirt PASS
746 Peter Max Signed “New Moon II” Release Poster 100
747 Sinclair Lewis Signed Leonebel Jacobs Portrait Art Print (1937) PASS
748 Catherine O'Hara "Schitt’s Creek" Final Season Poster Worn Metallic Outfit PASS
749 "Adventures of Superman" Extremely Rare 1950's TV Series Screen Used Vintage Admiral Radio Owned by Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen) PASS
750 Sarah Jessica Parker Signed "Sex In The City" Production Used Patricia Field Denim Jeans PASS
751 Oprah Winfrey Signed Magazine Display JSA 100
752 Jackie Martling Signed “What Did You Expect?” Album PASS
753 Roseanne Barr and John Goodman Signed “Roseanne: My Life As a Woman” Book PASS
754 Dick Clarke Signed “20 Years of Rock N’ Roll Handbook” 50
755 Jim Henson Vintage Signed Notebook Paper 175
756 David Cassidy Vintage Signed Notebook Paper 50
757 Dustin Diamond Signed "Saved by the Bell" Trading Card JSA PASS
758 Dustin Diamond Signed "Saved by the Bell" Trading Card JSA PASS
759 Harry Houdini Original Stage Used Escape Keys 600
760 Playwright Arthur Miller Signed $2 Bill (Death of a Salesman) JSA 50
761 Playwright Arthur Miller Signed “Death of a Salesman” Playbill JSA 225
762 Ethel Merman Signed Photograph JSA 25
763 Billie Burke and The Vinegar Tree Cast Signed Theatre Program 1942 JSA 50
764 Playwright Sam N. Behrman Signed Letter 0
765 Ann Miller and Mickey Rooney Signed Sugar Babies Theatrical Poster 50
766 Victor Borge Signed 1973 “Comedy in Music” Appearance Poster PASS
767 Bearsville Theater Woodstock Original T-Shirt Artwork PASS
768 Signed Sheet Music Assortment (13) 125
769 Harry Houdini Performance Program (1926 Shubert Princess Theatre) PASS
770 Paul Robeson Signed Appearance Program 1943 125
771 Ed Sullivan Signed Photograph 40
772 George Carlin Signed “Take-Offs & Put-Ons” Album 50
773 1999 Pokémon Fossil 1st Edition Complete Set (62) Pack Fresh 5000
774 1999 Pokémon Base Set Charizard Holo PSA 9 1172
775 1999 Pokémon Base Set Venusaur Holo PSA 10 880
776 1999 Pokémon Base Set 1st Edition Ninetales Holo PSA 7 PASS
777 1985 O-Pee-Chee Mario Lemieux PSA 8.5 PASS
778 New York Yankees Game Worn Flannel Pants Possibly By Mickey Mantle PASS
779 Babe Ruth Signed 8 x 10 Photograph JSA PASS
780 Large Sports Magazine Collection PASS
781 2004 Derek Jeter New York Yankees Game Used & Signed Cleats JSA & UDA PASS
782 Al Kaline Game Worn Detroit Tigers Baseball Cap from the Matt Minker Collection 2000
783 Ty Cobb Signed Detroit Tigers Pennant JSA PASS
784 1998 NY Yankees Poster Signed by 21 Players JSA 800
785 Original Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, and Duke Snider Signed Lithograph by Rudy Garcia JSA PASS
786 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers Reunion Lithograph - Includes Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider, and Don Newcombe (14 Signatures) JSA PASS
787 Mickey Mantle Signed 1960’s New York Yankees Promotional Display Standee PASS
788 300 Game Winners Signed Cuts with Original Baseball Cards (7) 100
789 Brooklyn Dodgers Signed “The Boys of Summer" Book 125
790 Eddie Matthews Signed Baseball Bat 50
791 Collection of Six Original Basketball Sports Paintings PASS
792 Willard Mullin Original Detroit Tigers Cartoon Sketch PASS
793 Philadelphia Phillies Original Artist Signed Lithograph PASS
794 1999 New York Yankees Original World Series Trophy 5500
795 1959 Herb Score Silver Award Presentation “MOST COURAGEOUS ATHLETE AWARD” PASS
796 Joe DiMaggio Signed Photograph PASS
797 Joe DiMaggio Signed and Framed Photograph 50
798 Roger Maris Signed Official League Ball JSA PASS
799 Roger Maris 1954 Keokuk Kernels Team Signed Baseball JSA PASS
800 1968 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball w/ Mickey Mantle (Last Season) 350
801 Negro League Reunion Ball With 7 Signatures PASS
802 2008 MLB Special Draft Signed Baseball with Dave Winfield, Walter McCoy, Don Newcomb, and Maury Wills PASS
803 Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez Signed NY Yankees Jersey Display PASS
804 Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford and Billy Martin Signed Photograph JSA PASS
805 Mickey Mantle Signed Photograph JSA PASS
806 Whitey Ford Signed Photograph with Yogi Berra PASS
807 Ted Williams Signed Burke Photograph 100
808 Don Mattingly, George Brett, and Wade Boggs Signed Photograph JSA 70
809 Orlando Hernandez Signed Photograph Display with Card PASS
810 Orlando Hernandez Signed Photograph Display PASS
811 2018 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Victor Robles Rookie Card Autograph 1/1 (2019 Topps Archives Signature Series Buyback) 1000
812 2005 Topps Home Run History Barry Bonds Autograph 5/5 PASS
813 2018 Bowman’s Best Early Indications Superfractors Estevan Florial 1 of 1 BGS 9.5 PASS
814 Ed Howard 2020 Leaf Metal Draft Autographed Pre-Production Proof Crystal Red 1 of 1 500
815 Javier Baez 2018 Topps Archives Signatures Series #3 of 6 200
816 2020 Onyx Vintage Jasson Dominguez Autograph 250
817 Collection of 445 Baseball Cards from 1999-2000 (Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Vladimir Guerrero 100
818 2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Signatures /25 Tim Lincecum Rookie 100
819 Fernando Tatis Jr. Bowman Chrome Autographed Card 722
820 2012 Topps Finest Felix Hernandez and Jesus Montero Dual Autograph 03/10 75
821 2018 Ultimate Leaf Draft Wander Franco Autograph 75
822 2014 Topps Stadium Club Yu Darvish Lone Star Signatures 04/10 75
823 1933 Goudey Big League Chewing Gum Jack Quinn PASS
824 MLB Rising Stars Premium Autograph-Only Jumbo Lot 125
825 MLB Modern Greats Premium Lot (Rookies, Autos, and More) 50
826 Corbin Carroll Premium Rookie Auto Lot 50
827 MLB 29 Card Jumbo Lot 175
828 Mike Trout Baseball Card Lot (6) 50
829 MLB Gallery of Greats (Ted Williams Game Worn Patch, David Ortiz Auto, and More) 175
830 Luisangel Acuna Premium Lot 50
831 Dustin May Premiere Rookie Auto Card Lot (2) 100
832 MLB Rookie Patch Auto-Only Lot (6 Cards) 250
833 Walter Johnson Original Farm Estate Sale Broadside PASS
834 Mickey Mantle 1st Major League Home Run Ticket April 15, 1951 400
835 Pittsburgh Pirates Jon Lieber #47 Game Worn Jersey PASS
836 Washington Senators 1933 Joe Cronin "Pennant Winners" World Series Pin and Brooklyn Dodgers Bag 100
837 Group of 35 Sports Figurines PASS
838 Willie McCovey Signed Baseball Bat JSA 125
839 1939 New York Yankees Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day "Luckiest Man Alive" Program - July 4, 1939 175
840 2020 Bowman’s Best Juan Soto Cracked Ice Refractor Autograph 16/25 670
841 2003-04 Topps Draft Pick LeBron James Rookie Card 656
842 LeBron James Basketball Card Lot 50
843 Lot of 25 LeBron James Upper Deck Rookie Cards 60
844 1996-97 Flair Showcase Kobe Bryant Class of ‘96 Rookie Card BGS 8 with Subgrades 275
845 Kobe Bryant Basketball Card Lot PASS
846 1989-1990 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Nike Air Jordan IV Game Worn Sneakers MEARS PASS
847 Michael Jordan Signed Nike Air Jordan Promotional Card 711
848 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Sticker Rookie Card PSA 5 533
849 Michael Jordan Basketball Card Lot 50
850 Michael Jordan Restaurant Menu PASS
851 2013-14 Exquisite Collection Larry Bird and Karl Malone Enshrinements Duos Autograph 1/15 BGS 8 with Subgrades 275
852 1982-83 Indiana State Larry Bird “Sycamore Rampage” PSA 6 175
853 1989-90 Boston Celtics Team Signed Basketball with 17 Signatures including Larry Bird 300
854 "Fabulous Magicians" Original Basketball Performance Poster Featuring Sugar Ray Robinson 50
855 1969-70 Topps Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rookie Card PSA 3 726
856 2020-21 Certified James Wiseman Freshman Fabric RPA 07/10 400
857 2019-20 Optic Ja Morant Rated Rookie Purple Shock 90
858 NBA Auto, Holo, Refractor Lot (Includes Dellavedova Gold Sparkle Auto 6/10) 50
859 NBA Superstars Lot (Allen Iverson Game Worn Patch, Durant, Embiid, Westbrook) 50
860 Premium NBA Rookies Lot (Ja Morant Optic, Anthony Edwards Prizm Draft Picks, Coby White Optic, LaMelo Ball Prizm Draft Picks) 50
861 2007 Topps Basketball Kevin Durant Rookie RC #112 400
862 2019 Panini Donruss Optic Zion Williamson Purple Shock #158 500
863 Zion Williamson RC 2019 Prizm Basketball Purple Wave Refractor Rookie SSP #248 1000
864 1996-97 Oregon Women's Basketball Cardboard "Donald Duck" Media Pass PASS
865 Muhammad Ali Signed Book Page Photograph 175
866 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Signed Original George Kalinsky Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print 500
867 Muhammad Ali Signed Photograph from “The Greatest” with 7 Other Movie Photos JSA 175
868 Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier Signed Life Magazine Cover JSA 175
869 Muhammad Ali Signed Photograph with The Beatles 330
870 Tommy Loughran and Mickey Walker Signed “Shamrock” 1972 Veteran Boxers’ Day PASS
871 Larry Holmes Signed Passport PASS
872 Johnny Hannon (d. 1935) Race Driver / Boxer Indianapolis 500 Signed Photograph 150
873 Billy Winn (d. 1938) Indianapolis 500 Driver Signed RPPC 150
874 Joe Montana Signed and Inscribed Game Worn San Francisco 49ers Jersey 12/3/1990 JSA PASS
875 “King Kong” Original Belgian Movie Poster (1962 Re-Issue) PASS
876 1933 “King Kong” Film Promotional Photograph 200
877 Opening Day Jersey Giants Tickets (3) Possible Jackie Robinson 1946 Debut Montreal Royals 2500
878 Eli Manning Signed Football JSA 100
879 Tom Brady Twice-Signed Promotional Photo Card 300
880 Walter Payton Signed Photograph Display JSA 175
881 John Elway Signed Photograph Display JSA PASS
882 Jeremy Shockey Signed Photograph PASS
883 Lamar Lundy Signed Photograph Steiner PASS
884 Dan Marino Signed Photograph Display JSA 60
885 2020 Contenders Optic Kyler Murray Player of the Year Autograph 01/25 100
886 Lawrence Taylor 20-Card Collage with Two Signed Cards 50
887 NFL Past, Present, and Future Lot (Kuechly Auto, Tua Rookie, Brady Inserts) 50
888 Jim Brown Era Syracuse Orange Football Ticket October 20, 1956 PASS
889 Troy Aikman Signed Football Jersey 125
890 Circa 1894 Vintage Colorful Football Cut Out PASS
891 Bobby Jones Original Wire Stamped Photograph 70
892 Bobby Jones Signed Cut JSA 722
893 Arnold Palmer et al Signed Senior Tour Program (15 Signatures) JSA 70
894 Horton Smith Signed Letterhead JSA 200
895 Walter Hagen Cut Signature (Golf) JSA 125
896 Sam Snead Signed Postcard and Airline Receipt (2) JSA 30
897 Golf Signature Lot of 3 (Hogan, Nelson and Sarazen) JSA 70
898 Arnold Palmer Signed Photograph JSA 50
899 Sam Snead Signed Photograph JSA PASS
900 Payne Stewart Signed Photograph JSA 80
901 Gene Sarazen Signed Wilson Advisory Staff Photograph JSA 30
902 Jack Nicklaus Signed Photograph JSA 50
903 Arnold Palmer Signed Senior Tour Program JSA 70
904 Jack Nicklaus Signed Charity Golf Event Brochure JSA PASS
905 NY Rangers Championship Team Signed Photograph PASS
906 Lester Patrick Vintage Signed Art Print (Revised Description) 175
907 Wayne Gretzky Signed Hockey Hall of Fame T-Shirt JSA PASS
908 Mario Lemieux Signed Pittsburgh Penguins T-Shirt PASS
909 Pelé Match Worn Santos Jersey Circa 1969 MEARS 10982
910 Pelé Signed CBD Brazil Soccer Jersey and Photograph 440
911 Diego Maradona Signed Replica Argentina Jersey PASS
912 Diego Maradona Napoli 1988/1989 Match Worn Jersey MEARS 8250
913 Diego Maradona Field Pennants & Autograph Lot 1000
914 Diego Maradona Iconic Match Worn Custom Puma Shoes Circa 1981/1984 MEARS PASS
915 Diego Maradona Napoli 1990/1991 Match Worn Captain Armband 1500
916 Diego Maradona Owned Commemorative Plaque Presented During Copa Argentina 2020 PASS
917 Diego Maradona Signed Poster PASS
918 Diego Maradona 1986 Argentina National Match Worn Jersey 3/29/1986 PASS
919 Rare Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Soccer Medal (2 TIme European Footballer of The Year!) PASS
920 Bruce Jenner Signed Photograph Display JSA PASS
921 Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson and Ed Sullivan 1963 Signed Program 14641
922 2006 Topps Signers of the Declaration of Independence Robert Treat Paine 1 of 1 6000
923 John Jay Signed Document Founding Father as Governor of New York (1796) 646
924 Charles W. Lindbergh Signed Iwo Jima Flag Raising Photograph 175
925 Louis Bleriot Signed Photograph (1st to Fly English Channel) 200
926 Jacob Vanderbilt Handwritten Signed Letter 1858 PASS
927 Vincent Astor Signed Letter PASS
928 John D. Rockefeller Jr Signed Letter 1945 JSA 150
929 William Pawley Signed Photograph 50
930 Lee Iacocca Cut Signature PASS
931 Coretta Scott King Signed FDC Envelope Addressing Racism 70
932 Booker T. Washington Signed Tuskegee Letter 1910 JSA 275
933 1864 Gideon Wells Signed Civil War and Travel Receipt 50
934 Morrison Waite Cut Signature JSA PASS
935 Cardinal John Henry Newman Handwritten Signed Letter 1849 200
936 Henry Clay Cut Signature Dated 1851 JSA PASS
937 Ronald Reagan Signed Letter as Governor of California 175
938 Joseph P. Kennedy Signed Letter as U.S. Ambassador 1938 JSA PASS
939 Oil Tycoon H. L. Hunt Signed Letter - RARE! JSA PASS
940 Catherine K. Breshkovsky Handwritten Signed Letter (Russian Socialist Movement) 50
941 George H.W. Bush Signed Letter 1988 50
942 Enos T. Throop Handwritten Signed Letter 1811 (NY Governor 1829-32) PASS
943 J. Edgar Hoover Signed FBI Letter 1938 JSA 70
944 NYC Mayor John Lindsay Signed Appointment PASS
945 Hamilton Fish Handwritten Letter (1890) (Former NY Governor 1851-1857, US Secretary of State 1869-1877) PASS
946 Helen Keller Signed Letter 175
947 Admiral William Halsey Jr. Signed Photograph 175
948 U.S. Navy Seal Robert J. O’Neill Signed Time & Newsweek 9/11 Magazines PSA/DNA, PSA 100
949 U.S. Navy Seal Robert J. O’Neill Signed FBI Bin Laden Wanted Document PSA/DNA 200
950 U.S. Navy Seal Robert J. O’Neill Signed NY Daily News 9/11 Newspaper PSA PASS
951 U.S. Navy Seal Robert J. O'Neill Signed Osama Bin Laden Full Size Helmet PSA/DNA 200
952 Admiral Louis Denfield Signed Photograph With Inscription PASS
953 General Douglas MacArthur Vintage Signed Postage Stamp Display JSA 200
954 Admiral Richard Byrd Signed Letter JSA 35
955 Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. Handwritten Signed Letter 1887 100
956 Robert Todd Lincoln Cut Signature JSA 200
957 President Theodore Roosevelt Signed Military Appointment 400
958 Rutherford B. Hayes Signed Cabinet Photograph JSA 1531
959 Martin Van Buren Handwritten Signed Letter 1827 JSA 440
960 George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush Signed Golf Ball JSA 300
961 John F. Kennedy Original Photograph Signed by Photographer Art Rickerby 200
962 Robert F Kennedy Original Photograph Signed by Photographer Art Rickerby 200
963 President William McKinley Signed Military Appointment JSA 303
964 President Calvin Coolidge Signed Document JSA PASS
965 President Harry S. Truman Naval Commission Certificate (1947) 200
966 Herbert Hoover Signed Photograph Picturing Blue and White Asian Porcelain Collection PASS
967 Robert F. Kennedy Signed Letter 250
968 William Howard Taft Signed Photograph with Song Lyrics 200
969 Herbert Hoover Signed Photograph with "King Tut" and Signed Letter PASS
970 Rutherford B. Hayes Handwritten Twice Signed Letter and Hand-Addressed Envelope 1891 250
971 President Grover Cleveland Cut Signature Display JSA PASS
972 Herbert Hoover Cut Signature JSA PASS
973 Benjamin Harrison Signed White House Card JSA 275
974 Calvin Coolidge Signed Vice Presidential Chambers Signature Card JSA PASS
975 President Gerald Ford Signed “Bachrach” Photograph (Signed on Matte) JSA PASS
976 Lincoln Assassin John Wilkes Booth U.S. War Department $100,000 Reward Broadside 722
977 President Harry S. Truman Signed Stamp Sheet “1950 National Capitol Sesquicentennial" 125
978 Herbert Hoover Signed Stamp Sheet “1950 National Capitol Sesquicentennial” 125
979 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Original Campaign Photograph (1929-30) PASS
980 William McKinley Cut Signature (Dated 1891) 250
981 Woodrow Wilson Signed Letter 125
982 Calvin Coolidge Signed Letter 100
983 Walter Forward Handwritten Signed Letter (Secretary of Treasury) 1841 PASS
984 President Calvin Coolidge & Grace Coolidge Cut Signatures 200
985 Richard Nixon Signed Edition “The Memoirs of Richard Nixon” 150
986 2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom 1981 Ronald Reagan Presidential Inauguration Ticket 1 of 1 175
987 President Richard Nixon Signed Inaugural FDC Envelope JSA 250
988 Calvin Coolidge Signed Letter 1929 JSA 125
989 Franklin Roosevelt Signed Executive Mansion Signature Card JSA 275
990 William Howard Taft Cut Signature 1910 JSA 225
991 William Howard Taft Cut Signature JSA 225
992 Calvin Coolidge Signed White House Signature Card JSA 250
993 President Harry Truman Signed White House Letter (Gen. Booth Salvation Army) JSA 275
994 Harry Truman Signed Letter 1957 JSA 100
995 President Jimmy Carter Signed Photograph JSA 50
996 James Madison Original Cabinet Photograph 50
997 James Garfield Cabinet Photographs (2) PASS
998 William McKinley Cabinet Photograph PASS
999 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed White House Letter Regards FDR Dog Fala 1943 PASS
1000 Herbert Hoover Signed Notecard 50
1001 Edith Bolling Wilson Handwritten Letter (First Lady-Mrs. Woodrow Wilson) 1929 PASS
1002 Bess Truman Signed Photograph and Cut Signature PASS
1003 Levi P. Morton Handwritten Signed Letter on Vice President Stationary 1892 PASS
1004 Edith Roosevelt (Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt) Handwritten Signed Letter 1933 PASS
1005 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed Dinner Program 1928 JSA PASS
1006 Gerald Ford Signed Photograph JSA 50
1007 Richard Nixon Signed Letter JSA 100
1008 Gerald Ford Signed Letter JSA PASS
1009 Gerald Ford Signed Photograph JSA 50
1010 Gerald Ford Signed Note Card JSA 50
1011 President John F. Kennedy 1961 Inaugural Pennant 80
1012 President William H. Taft (Secretarial Signed) Land Deed PASS
1013 First Lady Bess Truman Handwritten Signed White House Letter PASS
1014 Patricia Nixon Signed Letter and Name Card Beckett COA 25
1015 Lady Bird Johnson Signed Patriotic Photograph JSA 25
1016 Sigmund Freud Signed 1923 Typed Letter 1183
1017 Albert Schweitzer Handwritten Signed Letter and Photograph 200
1018 Linus Pauling Signed Typed Letter JSA 200
1019 Robert A. Millikan Signed Note (Nobel Prize Physics 1923) PASS
1020 Arthur H. Compton Signed Letter (1927 Nobel Prize in Physics) PASS
1021 Harold C. Urey Signed Letter (1934 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) PASS
1022 Michael DeBakey (Famed Heart Surgeon) Signed Photograph 25
1023 First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Signed Photograph with White House Invitation 100
1024 President Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Photograph 125
1025 Harry Truman Signed Photograph 150
1026 Nelson Rockefeller Signed Photograph 25
1027 NASA Original Negatives of Earth and Moon from Space 200
1028 Astronauts Signed Photographs Group Lot (6) JSA 225
1029 Astronaut Scott Carpenter Signed Photograph JSA PASS
1030 NASA Original Space Program Photographs PASS
1031 Fred Haise Original Apollo 13 Signed & Inscribed Photograph PASS
1032 Historic Apollo 13 Flown Kapton Insulation 100
1033 Historic Apollo 11 First Manned Mission to Land On The Moon Flown Kapton Polyimide Foil 100
1034 Astronaut Fred Haise Signed & Inscribed Space Shuttle ALT Integrated Flight Checklist Page PASS
1035 Astronaut and NASA Chief Donald K. "Deke" Slayton Owned Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Beta Cloth Mission Patch 100
1036 Phase 1 Program Patch Flown on Space Shuttle Atlantis and Russian Space Station MIR 100
1037 Apollo 11 Original First Day Covers (4) PASS
1038 Alexei Leonov Signed Photograph JSA PASS
1039 Astronaut Alan Bean Signed Photograph JSA 75
1040 John Glenn Signed Book Memoir 50
1041 Charles Conrad Signed NASA Photograph JSA 70
1042 Astronaut James Lovell Signed NASA Photograph JSA 175
1043 Apollo 14 Original NASA 70mm Transparency PASS
1044 Apollo 11 Original NASA 70mm Transparencies (2) 125
1045 Astronaut Walt Cunningham Signed Photograph JSA 35
1046 John Glenn and James Webb Signed Project Mercury FDC Envelope JSA 70
1047 Louis Brandeis Handwritten Signed Letter (1939) PASS
1048 Joseph McKenna Cut Signature (Supreme Court Justice) 25
1049 Benito Mussolini 1927 Inscribed Signature Display From Rome JSA 368
1050 Indira Gandhi Signed Letter PASS
1051 Ramsey MacDonald Signed Photograph (UK Prime Minister 1929-35) PASS
1052 Elihu Thomson Handwritten Signed Letter 1910 (Famous Inventor) 50
1053 Grantland Rice Signed Poem (1927) JSA 45
1054 Robert Browning Handwritten Signed Letter 1883 303
1055 Gwendolyn Brooks (Pulitzer Prize Poet) Signed FDC Envelope 35
1056 Nathaniel Hawthorne Signed Check (1861) JSA 334
1057 Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) Inscribed Signature Cut (1880) JSA 862
1058 Agatha Christie Cut Signature JSA 303
1059 Stephen King Signed Photograph JSA 250
1060 Horace Greeley Signed Handwritten New York Tribune Letter (1870) JSA 100
1061 W. Somerset Maugham Signed "W. J. Maugham" Letter (1965) JSA 100
1062 Famed Novelist John Dos Passos Signed Check "U.S.A. Trilogy" PASS
1063 Herman Wouk Signed Letter (The Caine Mutiny - Pulitzer Prize) PASS
1064 Dr. Seuss Signature and Cat in the Hat Drawing JSA 1044
1065 Stephen King Signed Letter JSA 150
1066 Giacomo Puccini Signed “Die Kleine Frau Schmetterling” Book 446
1067 Signed “Century at Carnegie Hall” Limited Edition Book and Album Presentation 446
1068 Leonard Bernstein Signed Concert Series Flyer 1960 JSA 150
1069 Marilyn Monroe Owned & Photoshoot Used Blue Scarf PASS
1070 Michael Jackson Signed and Stage Used Fedora 2500
1071 KISS Paul Stanley Stage Worn and Signed "Asylum" Tour Cape PASS
1072 Elton John Owned and Worn Shirt PASS
1073 Elton John Owned and Worn Shirt PASS
1074 Eric Clapton Signed Christies Catalog REAL LOA PASS
1075 Eddie Van Halen Signed Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special Guitar PSA PASS
1076 Tom Petty Signed "Runnin' Down A Dream" DVD REAL LOA PASS
1077 Fleetwood Mac Signed 1988 Tour Program REAL LOA PASS
1078 Bob Seger "Night Moves" Signed Album REAL LOA PASS
1079 The Beatles Fully Signed BOAC Menu Frank Caiazzo Authenticated 4400
1080 Pink Floyd Vintage Band Signed Newspaper Pictures FA LOA PASS
1081 Led Zeppelin Robert Plant Signed Miniature Replica Object 303
1082 Black Sabbath Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi Signed Heaven and Hell Album JSA 250
1083 AC/DC Band Signed "Let There Be Rock" Album JSA 363
1084 UFO Band Signed Program JSA 100
1085 Spice Girls Band Signed Record Company Promo Picture 350
1086 Spice Girls Victoria Beckham Signed Posh Spice Photographs with Incredible Early Victoria Adams Modelling Test Shot PASS
1087 Spice Girls Victoria Beckham Owned and Stage Worn Black Leather Trousers PASS
1088 Spice Girls Victoria Beckham Owned and Stage Worn Black Dolce & Gabbana Little Black Skirt PASS
1089 Spice Girls Victoria Beckham Owned and Stage Worn Black Patent Leather Dolce & Gabbana Stilettos PASS
1090 Spice Girl Melanie C Istanbul Stage Worn and "Spice World: The Movie" Promo Worn Orange Trousers PASS
1091 Spice Girl Mel B "Dancing with the Stars" Worn Custom Nude and Sequin Floor-Length Dress PASS
1092 Spice Girl Mel C Rocky Robe from "Spice World: The Movie" PASS
1093 Spice Girl Victoria White Open Front Top Stage Worn for Her Only Solo Live Acoustic Show 1000
1094 Spice Girl Geri Halliwell Spiceworld Tour Worn Blue Denim Platform Boots 350
1095 Spice Girl Mel B "Too Much" Music Video Worn Warrior Ring 334
1096 Spice Girl Melanie C Worn “David Bowie” Costume from "Spice World: The Movie" PASS
1097 Spice Girl Geri Halliwell Custom Black Circuit Corset and Hot Pants Stage Worn by Mel B in Istanbul PASS
1098 Spice Girl Emma Bunton "Spice World: The Movie" Magazine Shoot Worn Cowboy Outfit PASS
1099 U2 Autographed Set of 4 45 RPMs REAL PASS
1100 U2 Ticket Stub Signed by Bono and Larry Mullen PASS
1101 U2 Signed Car Visor 500
1102 U2 Signed "U2 By U2" Collector's Edition Book PASS
1103 Bono Signed “The Joshua Tree” Album PASS
1104 Bono and The Edge Signed 1993 U2 Concert Ticket PASS
1105 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth PSA 1.5 (MK) PASS
1106 1934 Goudey Lou Gehrig PSA 2 PASS
1107 1957 Topps Johnny Unitas PSA 2 PASS
1108 The Who Original Marquee Concert Poster Hung At Club PASS
1109 Albert Grossman Signed Original Passport PASS
1110 Albert Grossman Signed Original Passport PASS
1111 Albert Grossman Signed Original Passport PASS
1112 Albert Grossman Original Snapshot Photograph PASS
1113 Albert Grossman Signed Original Japan Visa Application Form and Cover Letter PASS
1114 Albert Grossman Twice-Signed W.H.O. Internatioal Certificate of Vaccination and Mexican Travel Visa PASS
1115 Led Zeppelin Extremely Rare Original 1968 Atlantic Records Press Release 1000
1116 Led Zepplein Original Handwritten Receipt for the Repair of Jimmy Page's Amp PASS
1117 Led Zeppelin Original Hand-Drawn Band Stage Set-Up and Schematics Circa 1968 PASS
1118 Led Zeppelin Original November -December 1969 Concert Tour Itinerary PASS
1119 Led Zeppelin Original August - September 1970 U.S. Concert Tour Itinerary PASS
1120 Led Zeppelin Original Jimmy Page Vintage Stamped Concert Photograph PASS
1121 Graham Nash Handwritten & Signed Setlist PASS
1122 Crosbys, Stills & Nash 2009 Tour Itinerary PASS
1123 Crosby, Stills & Nash 2003 Tour Itinerary PASS
1124 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Freedom of Speech 2006 Tour Itinerary PASS
1125 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Tour of America Itinerary PASS
1126 Crosby, Stills & Nash 2007 New Zealand Tour Itinerary PASS
1127 Crosby, Stills & Nash 2009 US and Europe Tour Itinerary PASS
1128 Buffalo Springfield 2011 Tour Itinerary PASS
1129 Snoop Dogg's Owned and Used Marijuana Grinder PASS
1130 Li’l Kim, Snoop Dogg, Alice Cooper and More Worn Ivy Supersonic Custom Louis Vuitton Feather Hat PASS
1131 Apollo 11 Lunar Module Flown and Surface-Used Camera Film Leader Strip PASS
1132 Apollo 13 Map Page Signed by Fred Haise Used For Training 100
1133 NASA Roll of 70mm Positives 2nd Generation STS 51A, Nov 84 120+ Images PASS
1134 Mickey Mantle Signed Color Photo PASS
1135 1999 Pokemon Game Venusaur - Holo 150
1136 Lot of 4 1986 Fleer Basketball Cards - Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, and Dominique Wilkins PASS
1137 1926 United States Wheat Coin PSA Authenticated PASS
1138 Lot of 7 1990 March/April Beckett Basketball Card Magazine Issue #1 PASS
1139 Britney Spears "Dream Within A Dream" Tour Stage Worn "Born To Make You Happy" Custom Tutu PASS
1140 Britney Spears "Dream Within A Dream" Tour Stage Worn Custom Neon Graffiti Black Pants PASS
1141 Britney Spears 1991 Handwritten & Signed Postcard to her Grandmother PASS
1142 New York Giants 1995 Kickoff Luncheon Magazine with 10 Signatures PASS
1143 Little Richard 1970's Owned and Stage Worn Bejeweled Coat Ensemble PASS
1145 The Who Signed 1968 Concert [Poster] Handbill –Signed by All Four with Keith Moon PSA/DNA PASS
1146 Johnny Cash Signed “The Baron” Album JSA Beckett PASS
1147 Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia Signed Personal Bank Check (Signed Jerome Garcia) Beckett PASS
1148 Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen Signed "Diver Down" Album PSA/DNA PASS
1149 The Clash Signed "Sandinista!" Album (Signed by All Four) Beckett PASS
1150 Bob Dylan Columbia Records Point of Sale Display 50
1151 Bruce Springsteen Handwritten and Signed "Devils and Dust World Tour" Concert Set List PSA/DNA Beckett 10400
1152 Bill Wyman Owned & Stage Worn Cordoba Suede Trousers PASS
1153 Bill Wyman Owned & Worn “Arms” Sweatshirt PASS
1154 Bill Wyman Owned & Played Dearmond Ashbory Bass PASS
1155 Prince Owned & Worn Purple Turtleneck Vest PASS
1156 Madonna Owned Original "Dick Tracy" Unreleased Recording PASS
1158 Rolling Stones Signed Album PASS