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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 John Lennon Fingerprinted and Signed Applicant Card for Permanent Residence in the U.S.A. PASS
3 Paul McCartney Handwritten Lyrics and John Lennon Signed Publishing Contract for "Honey Pie" PASS
4 Beatles Original Diana Dors Wax Bust from “Sgt. Pepper’s” Album PASS
5 Paul McCartney Object Drawing and "Aquaplex" Drawing 25000
6 The Beatles Signed "Beatles Limited" Carbon Letters PASS
7 Beatles, Brian Epstein and Others Signed & Inscribed "In His Own Write" Book PASS
8 Paul McCartney Hand Drawn and Signed Self Portrait T-Shirt for "Povertee Day 2009" PASS
9 Beatles Signed "Please Please Me" Album PASS
10 John Lennon and Paul McCartney Earliest Known Pair of Signatures, 1958 14000
11 The Beatles 1963 Abergavenny Town Hall Ballroom Original Poster PASS
12 John Lennon Handwritten "The National Health Cow" Poem Draft 17570
13 Original Nicholas Volpe Vintage Portraits of The Beatles PASS
14 Paul McCartney 1976 Original Hand Drawing with Handwritten Annotations PASS
15 John Lennon Signed "Dear Prudence" Publishing Contract PASS
16 Paul McCartney Original "Monsieur Fred Bluggs Esq." Watercolor Painting Circa 1957 PASS
17 The Beatles Original 1966 Cleveland Stadium Cardboard Concert Poster 7083
18 1964 Signed Beatles Signed "Beatles (USA) Ltd." Program 10000
19 Paul McCartney and Stuart Sutcliffe Circa 1960/61 Handwritten Set List and Lyrics 9000
20 The Beatles Original 1964 Forest Hills Concert Poster PASS
21 John Lennon’s Hand Annotated Polaroid Of Sean PASS
22 The Beatles and Brian Epstein Signed Carl-Alan Awards Invitation 18160
23 1967 "Magical Mystery Tour" Beatles Signature Collection PASS
24 The Beatles "Let It Be" Original White Matte RIAA Gold Record Award 11794
26 John Lennon & Paul McCartney Signed Maclen Music Limited Bank Transfer 5000
27 Beatles "Hello Goodbye" Original RIAA White Matte Gold Record Award PASS
28 John Lennon Signed & Inscribed With Hand Drawing "Primal Scream" Book 7321
29 John Lennon & Yoko Ono Signed and Inscribed "Wedding" Album With John's Hand Drawings PASS
30 John Lennon & Paul McCartney Signed Check PASS
31 John Lennon Owned and Worn "Working Class Hero" T-Shirt 6050
32 "The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics" Original Artwork 5000
33 Beatles Signatures Circa 1963 4400
34 Paul McCartney Owned and Used Leather Vanity Travel Case PASS
35 John Lennon Signed Original Bag One Lithograph 12526
36 John Lennon and Yoko Ono Signed and Inscribed "Grapefruit" Book 3328
37 Original Beatles Puritan Shirt Promotional Poster Circa 1960's PASS
38 Stuart Sutcliffe Original Watercolor Painting 7604
39 Beatles "Abbey Road" Original Cover Art PASS
40 John Lennon 1967 Signed Cave Photographic Receipt 2000
41 Paul McCartney Signed Hofner Electric Guitar 3540
42 John Lennon & Yoko Ono "Summer of 80" Limited Edition Silver Gelatin Print Signed by Photographer PASS
43 Beatles Handmade Birthday Cards 8166
44 George Harrison 1967 Life Insurance Receipt 1100
45 Paul McCartney Owned and Worn Scarf 1210
46 George Harrison Signed and Inscribed Limited Edition "I Me Mine" Book 1210
47 Yellow Submarine Original Cel 1465
48 Beatles "She Said So/I Feel Fine Original Art Cel PASS
49 Beatles "She Said So/I Feel Fine Original Art Cel PASS
50 Beatles "She Said So/I Feel Fine Original Art Cel PASS
51 John Lennon Autograph From Check 1465
52 John Lennon Signed 1975 Rolling Stone Magazine 1612
53 George Harrison Signed Limited Edition "Songs by George Harrison" Book and CD Set 1242
54 John Lennon and George Harrison Hair Displays 1433
55 Black Dyke Mills Band "Yellow Submarine/Thingumybob" Original Reel to Reel Tape PASS
56 Beatles 1963 Tour of Sweden Original Handbill PASS
57 The Beatles at Shea Stadium 1966 Photograph Signed by Jim Marshall on the Matte 862
58 Paul McCartney Signed "Driving Rain" CD 400
59 John Lennon and Yoko Ono "Give Peace A Chance" Original Trident Studios Reel to Reel Tape 6409
60 Stuart Sutcliffe Circa 1961 Sketches and Handwritten Notes PASS
61 The Beatles Apple Corps Ltd. Archive 484
62 Vintage Beatles Pocket Watch 711
63 George Martin Signed & Inscribed Photograph PASS
64 The Beatles Yesterday and Today "Butcher Cover" Original Poster 862
65 John Lennon Limited Edition Original Lithograph Signed by Al Hirschfeld 1909
66 The Beatles "HELP" Original Outtake Photograph 300
67 Ringo Starr Signed Photographs 300
68 The Beatles "Lady Madonna" Original Outtake Photograph 300
69 The Beatles on Holiday Circa 1965 Unpublished Original Photographs PASS
70 The Beatles at The Cavern 1963 Original Photographs by Peter Kaye 1060
71 The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" Original Photographs 334
72 The Beatles "Ed Sullivan Show" Original Contact Sheets 368
73 The Beatles 1964 New Zealand Tour Original Program PASS
74 Paul McCartney Handwritten Note 175
75 John Lennon and Yoko Ono 1969 Tittenhurst Park Original Photographs 150
76 Beatles Forest Hills 1964 Limited Edition Photograph 200
77 Beatles Limited Edition 1963 Empire Theatre Photograph Signed by Ian Wright 275
78 Beatles Limited Edition 1963 Globe Theatre Photograph Signed by Ian Wright 75
79 Beatles Limited Edition Photograph Signed by Ian Wright 200
80 Beatles Original U.S. Tour/August 1966 ID Card 303
81 John Lennon "Listen To This" Original Poster 100
82 Beatles February 1964 "Ed Sullivan Show" Photograph 250
83 The Beatles 1965 Original Snapshots From the Bahamas 100
84 Beatles Original Fan Club Cards 100
85 John Lennon & Yoko Ono “Bank Street Shoot” Original Photograph Signed by Thomas Monaster 200
86 “The Beatles Come To Town" Original 1963 Pathe News 8 Millimeter Film PASS
87 Beatles 1963 De Montfort Hall Leicester Concert Ticket 110
88 George Martin Signed Photograph 205
89 The Beatles/Nancy Wells Original Program 70
90 Beatles Original 1963 Publicity Photograph 670
91 Beatles Original 1963 Publicity Photographs 414
92 The Beatles "Cavern" Photograph Signed by Bob Wooler and Allan Williams 80
93 Beatles {U.S.A.} Ltd.1964 Program 200
94 The Beatles 1964/65 "Another Beatles Christmas Show" Original Program 110
95 Elvis Presley’s Personally Used Gibson Guitar Also Used In “It Happened At The World’s Fair” PASS
96 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Suede Jacket Worn at Famous “Million Dollar Quartet” Recordings at Sun Studios 16500
97 Elvis Presley Stage Worn Nudie’s Jumpsuit 26575
98 Cruising Elvis "Pink Cadillac" Oil Painting by Ralph Wolfe Cowan PASS
99 Elvis Presley “Speedway” Movie Worn Blue Jacket With White Stripes 13310
100 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn “Mr. Tiger” Karate Diamond Ring 22795
101 Elvis Presley Graceland Owned Ceramic Tiger Later Gifted To Charlie Hodge 1210
102 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Black Star Sapphire and Diamond Ring 8785
103 Elvis Presley Owned and Used 1950’s Vintage Shure Model 55 Microphone 3630
104 Elvis Presley’s Owned and Worn Abstract Print Shirt, IC Costume Company Brown Velvet Pants and Macramé Belt 6050
105 Elvis Presley Watch Gifted to Charlie Hodge PASS
106 The Only Known Elvis Presley In-Performance 3-D Slides PASS
107 Elvis Presley Circa 1950’s Owned Vintage Pink Shirt, Black Pants and Shoes 4000
108 Elvis Presley Owned and Used Shure SM-57 Microphone 9202
109 Elvis Presley Owned and Used Shure SM-58 Microphone 9435
110 Elvis Presley “Fun In Acapulco” Movie Worn Pants and Black Top 5317
111 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn “Superfly” Long Coat with Faux Fur Trim 4393
112 Elvis Presley Handwritten & Signed Twice Martial Arts Certificate 3000
113 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Teal and Black “Super Fly” Trench Coat 4393
114 Elvis Presley’s Personally Owned and Hand-Annotated “Kenpo Karate” Book 3000
115 Elvis Presley’s “Live A Little Love A Little” Movie Worn Shirt 6912
116 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn IC Costume Company Red Silk Shirt 16306
117 Elvis Presley  Owned and Worn “Sharkskin”  Vintage Shirt PASS
118 Elvis Presley Movie Worn Pants 2000
119 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Wine Colored Pants PASS
120 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn 1950’s Pink Gabardine Shirt 2662
121 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn “Superfly” Black Stetson Fedora Hat 2000
122 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn 1950’s Vintage “Sharkskin” Shirt PASS
123 Elvis Presley Photograph Signed and Inscribed on the Verso PASS
124 Elvis Presley Stage Worn "Victor: His Master's Voice" Belt Buckle PASS
125 Elvis Presley Stage Worn "Indian Head" Belt Buckle 1650
126 Elvis Presley Worn Sy Devore Sweater PASS
127 Elvis Presley Signed & Inscribed "Photo Album" Souvenir Program PASS
128 Elvis Presley  “Spinout “ Promotional Photograph Signed and Inscribed to Director Norman Taurog 1000
129 Elvis Presley Signed 1956 Concert Ticket 1952
130 Elvis Presley Signed and Inscribed International Hotel Directory 1000
131 Elvis Presley Signed and Inscribed Las Vegas Hilton Guide to What's Happening Now 1000
132 Elvis Presley Signed & Inscribed "I Beg Of You/Don't" 45 Record 1100
133 Elvis Presley Signed Las Vegas International Hotel Souvenir Playing Card PASS
134 Elvis Presley Handwritten and Initialed Note To The Colonel PASS
135 Elvis Presley Signed and Inscribed 1965 "Fabulous Las Vegas" Magazine Christmas Issue 1000
136 Elvis Presley Concert Worn Blue Scarf     400
137 Elvis Presley Concert Worn Gold Scarf     363
138 Elvis Presley Show Membership Card 303
139 Elvis Presley Original Military Photograph Circa 1958-60 PASS
140 Elvis Presley Family Montage Original Photograph PASS
141 Elvis Presley August 19, 1977 Concert Tickets 405
142 Elvis Presley Original Photograph Given To Delaney PASS
143 "The Elvis Express" Fan Magazine Collection 1962-64 100
144 Priscilla Presley 1972 Signed Elvis Presley Quitclaim Deed 100
145 Two "Elvis On Tour 1971"Backstage Stickers 100
146 Two Elvis On Tour Backstage Stickers 225
147 Elvis Presley Crew Member Buttons 368
148 Elvis Presley April 25, 1976 Concert Ticket 60
149 Bob Dylan's Handwritten and Dated "Song To Woody" Historically Important Lyrics for 1961 First Recorded Original Song PASS
150 Bob Dylan Handwritten, Signed and Dated "It Aint Me Babe" Working Lyrics 20000
151 Bob Dylan 1969 Handwritten and Signed and Inscribed "I Want You" Lyrics on "Greatest Hits" Album PASS
152 Bob Dylan Circa 1968 Signed and "Like A Rolling Stone" Lyrics Inscribed Book Page 7150
153 Bob Dylan 1963 Signed and Lyrics Inscribed "Oxford Town" Broadside 2000
154 Bob Dylan "Blonde on Blonde" Original White Matte RIAA Gold Album Award 1210
155 Bob Dylan "Bringing It All Back Home" Gold Record Album Award PASS
156 Bob Dylan Signed "World Gone Wrong" Poster 932
157 Bob Dylan Original Lithograph Signed by Al Hirschfeld 700
158 Bob Dylan Signed "Song Book" Cover 770
159 Bob Dylan Signed "Bob Dylan's Greats Hits Vol. II" Album 700
160 Bob Dylan Signed Photograph 600
161 Bob Dylan Original Israeli Poster PASS
162 Bob Dylan Isle of Wight Musical Festival Original Poster Artwork 541
163 Bob Dylan 1978 Original Photograph Signed by John Rowlands PASS
164 Bob Dylan 1966 Syria Mosque Concert Tickets PASS
165 Michael Jackson “Bad” Album Cover Photo Shoot Worn Gloves 51880
166 Michael Jackson Stage Worn "Triumph" Tour Swarovski Lochrosen Stone Crystal Studded Riding Helmet PASS
167 Michael Jackson Worn Custom Made Swarovski Crystal Jacket 8054
168 Michael Jackson’s Suit Of Armor 8000
169 Original Emmy Award for "The Jacksons: An American Dream" 6050
170 Michael Jackson Worn and Signed Mickey Mouse Jacket 8860
171 Michael Jackson Signed and Inscribed 1976 Cal Prep Yearbook 3000
172 Michael Jackson Worn Military Jacket Circa 1990's 4719
173 Michael Jackson Handwritten Working Lyrics for "Morphine" 4719
174 Michael Jackson Handwritten Lyrics for "Innocent Man" 2000
175 Michael Jackson Handwritten "Morphine" Lyrics 2662
176 Michael Jackson Signed Wells Fargo Credit Card 2000
177 Michael Jackson Handwritten "Morphine" Lyrics PASS
178 Michael Jackson Signed 1988 Wembley Stadium Original Concert Poster 1331
179 Michael Jackson Worn Custom Made "Beat It" Jacket 4189
180 Michael Jackson Signed Neverland Notepaper 1465
181 Michael Jackson Signed "Bad" Promotional Cut Out. 1952
182 The Jacksons With Michael Jackson Signed Photograph Collection 1000
183 Jackson Five Signed "Skywriter" Album 1504
184 Michael Jackson Signed Electric Guitar 967
185 Michael Jackson Signed Photograph 666
186 Michael Jackson Signed Lithograph 2541
187 Michael Jackson Signed Photograph 807
188 Michael Jackson 1991 Neverland Office of Special Services Badge PASS
189 Michael Jackson 1991 Neverland Office of Special Services Badge 500
190 Michael Jackson Signed "Thriller" Single Album 1149
191 Michael Jackson "This Is It" Crew Jacket 250
192 Michael Jackson Original Memorial Program 100
193 Michael Jackson Original Neverland Map and Stationery 100
194 Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Production Sheet PASS
195 Keith Richards "High Tides And Green Grass" Album Worn Jacket 30000
196 Keith Richards Owned and Worn Custom-Made Ivory Leather Jacket 5711
197 Rolling Stones Signed Electric Guitar PASS
198 The Rolling Stones "Honky Tonk Women" Original White Matt RIAA Gold Record Award 2929
199 Rolling Stones Signatures Circa Early 1960's 1331
200 Rolling Stones 1963 Signed Promotional Card 1612
201 Rolling Stones 1969 Hyde Park Backstage Pass and HIWATT Poster 800
202 Rolling Stones Rhythm Section Signed Electric Guitar PASS
203 The Rolling Stones Original Limited Edition Lithograph Signed by Al Hirschfeld 1129
204 Rolling Stones Signed "The Rolling Stones - A Life On The Road" Book PASS
205 Brian Jones Handwritten & Signed Letter 500
206 Rolling Stones Signed Photograph 783
207 The Rolling Stones Keith Richards Signed Squier Telecaster Electric Guitar 484
208 Rolling Stones Signed "You Can't Always Get What You Want" 45 Record PASS
209 Rolling Stones at Anaheim Stadium July 24 1978 Concert Ticket PASS
210 Mick Jagger & Keith Richards Signed Rolling Stones "Licks World Tour" Itinerary PASS
211 Rolling Stones Original Vintage 1964 Backstage Contact Sheet PASS
212 Mick Jagger Signed Publishing Agreement 368
213 Rolling Stones/Roy Orbison/The Newbeats 1965 New Zealand Original Tour Program 1965 PASS
214 Ronnie Wood Owned and Used Hand Painted “I Feel Like Playing” ESP Guitar 25000
215 Ronnie Wood Original “Keith Richards” Portrait Artwork 12100
216 Ronnie Wood Original "Rolling Stones" Artwork 6655
217 Ronnie Wood Signed Original “Charlie Watts” Print Artwork 2000
218 Ronnie Wood "You Need Love" Signed Lyrics 1331
219 Ronnie Wood Handwritten & Signed "My Fault" Lyrics 1331
220 Ronnie Wood Handwritten & Signed Cornflour Blue Lyrics 1331
221 Led Zeppelin 1996 Official Calendar Artwork by Andie Airfix PASS
222 Original Artwork for Jimmy Page & Robert Plant 1995 World Tour PASS
223 Led Zeppelin Signed Pick Guard 0
224 Led Zeppelin Jethro Tull Fraternity of Men Santa Barbara Original Poster PASS
225 Led Zeppelin Original Bill Graham Presents Fillmore West Poster 300
226 Led Zeppelin at The Fillmore and Winterland Original Poster PASS
227 Led Zeppelin Original Vintage Neal Preston Signed Photograph PASS
228 Led Zeppelin Original Vintage Neal Preston Signed Photograph 300
229 1969 Newport Folk Festival Flyer Featuring Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Miles Davis and More 250
230 Led Zeppelin 1971 Kinetic Circus Concert Ticket 200
231 Led Zeppelin 1969 "Whiskey A Go-Go" Original Photograph PASS
232 Led Zeppelin's First U.S. Tour Original 1969 Rock Pile Concert Flyer 1060
233 Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains The Same" Movie Premiere Invitation and Photograph 368
234 Led Zeppelin Tour and Studio Archive 1554
235 Bruce Springsteen Signed Electric Guitar PASS
236 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Signed "Born To Run" Album 4054
237 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Signed Drumhead 770
238 Bruce Springsteen Hand Annotated "Wages of Sin" Lyrics PASS
239 Bruce Springsteen Signed Pick Guard 666
240 Bruce Springsteen Signed "Bruce Springsteen: The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle" Album PASS
241 Bruce Springsteen "Born In The USA" Album Cover Annie Leibovitz Original Photograph 400
242 Bruce Springsteen "Tunnel of Love" Album Cover Annie Leibovitz Original Photograph 587
243 Bruce Springsteen Signed "Summer 1985" Tour Contract Rider 300
244 Bruce Springsteen Signed "Born To Run" Lyrics and Born In The U.S.A. Concert Ticket PASS
245 Bruce Springsteen Concert Photographs PASS
246 Bruce Springsteen Vintage Photograph Signed by Phil Ceccola 250
247 Jimi Hendrix Stage Worn White Suede Jacket 25000
248 Jimi Hendrix Handwritten Poem 12100
249 Jimi Hendrix "All Along The Watchtower" Original Acetate PASS
250 Jimi Hendrix Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award PASS
251 Jimi Hendrix 1969 Signed Ampex Tape Machines Receipt PASS
252 Jimi Hendrix’s Personal Signed  Reel-to-Reel Tape of  Alternate Songs              PASS
253 Jimi Hendrix's Personal Acetate for "Ex Art Student" PASS
254 Jimi Hendrix's Personal Acetate for "The Stars That Play With Laughing Dice" PASS
255 Jimi Hendrix "Dream" and "Dance" Original 45 Acetate PASS
256 Jimi Hendrix "Stay Groovy" Signature and Inscription 2197
257 Jimi Hendrix Experience "Smash Hits" Original Alternative Album Slick PASS
258 Noel Redding "Dream" Handwritten Working Lyrics PASS
259 Fillmore East Original 1969 Handbill Featuring Hendrix, Blood, Sweat & Tears, the Grateful Dead, Santana and More PASS
260 Jimi Hendrix Experience/John Mayall/Albert King at The Fillmore and Winterland Original Poster 500
261 Jimi Hendrix Stage Worn Green Scarf 2310
262 Jimi Hendrix's Personal First Promotional Photograph PASS
263 The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1968 Clark University Concert Ticket PASS
264 Jimi Hendrix "The Black Sun" 1968 Original Black Light Serigraph Poster 300
265 Jimi Hendrix Led Zeppelin Northern California Folk-Rock Festival Handbill 150
266 Jimi Hendrix/Walker Brothers UK Tour Program 175
267 Jimi Hendrix Original "Smoking" Poster 100
268 Jimi Hendrix Press Release Collection 200
269 Jimi Hendrix 1968 Hunter College Bulletin 100
270 Jimi Hendrix 1970's European LP Working Art      150
271 Noel Redding's "Feder" 1968 German Magazine 100
272 Jimi Hendrix Experience "Reserved" Table Card 100
273 Jimi Hendrix "Kiss The Sky" CD Artwork PASS
274 Noel Redding Twice Signed & Inscribed Original Photograph PASS
275 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Vintage Photograph 225
276 Stevie Ray Vaughan Stage Used and Signed Electric Guitar 10249
277 Stevie Ray Vaughan Custom Fender Guitar With Signed & Inscribed Pass Affixed to Back PASS
278 Stevie Ray Vaughan Signed and Inscribed "Couldn't Stand The Weather" Album Cover PASS
279 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dick Dale 1987 Grammy Nomination Plaque for "Pipeline" PASS
280 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Signed "In Step" Album 700
281 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Signed Card 446
282 Eric Clapton Signed Electric Guitar 2500
283 Eric Clapton Stage Worn Grey Armani Suit 2600
284 Cream Signed Pick Guard 1000
285 Cream Signed Pick Guard PASS
286 Eric Clapton Signed Pick Guard PASS
287 Eric Clapton Signed "Behind The Sun" Album PASS
288 "The Yardbirds Featuring Performances by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page" Original Album Slick PASS
289 Yardbirds 1966 Fillmore Auditorium Original Poster PASS
290 Eric Clapton Rare Vintage Signed Holiday Card With Photograph PASS
291 Cream Signed Photograph and 1968 Tour Letter 440
292 Cream Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce Photograph PASS
293 Jack Bruce Handwritten Working Lyrics Archive 949
294 Eric Clapton & Jack Bruce Signed Postcard and Cream Photograph PASS
295 Cream Signed Drumhead 587
296 Cream Signed "The Very Best of Cream" CD Insert PASS
297 Eric Clapton Signed Letter PASS
298 Eric Clapton Signed "Slowhand" Album 334
299 Eric Clapton Signature 225
300 Eric Clapton Royal Albert Hall 1996 Concert Crew Jacket 275
301 Grateful Dead "Skeleton & Roses" Poster Signed by Mouse & Kelley 600
302 Bob Weir Signed Electric Guitar PASS
303 Grateful Dead Original Photographs by Linda McCartney 275
304 Grateful Dead Original Vintage Stamped Contact Sheet by Jim Marshall 200
305 Grateful Dead Tour Itineraries 100
306 Grateful Dead Collection Of Rare Backstage Passes PASS
307 Grateful Dead Original Vintage Photograph by Bob Seidemann PASS
308 The Who Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award PASS
309 Pete Townshend Signed Electric Guitar PASS
310 The Who at Toronto Original Handbill PASS
311 Roger Daltrey Signed Original "Lisztomania" Movie Prop Doll PASS
312 The Who Signed Photograph PASS
313 The Who Fillmore Handbill Archive 300
314 The Who's Pete Townshend Signed Squier Stratocaster Guitar 949
315 The Who Signed Guitar Pick Guard PASS
316 Fillmore East Original 1969 Handbill Featuring The Who, Santana, Jefferson Airplane and More PASS
317 The Who Signed Contract Letter 225
318 The Who 1971 Original Photograph by Friedham von Estorff 175
319 The Who Concert Archive PASS
320 The Who Performance Agreement Letter PASS
321 The Who Original Programs 100
322 The Who 1968 New Zealand/Australia Tour Original Program 100
323 Jim Morrison Signed and Inscribed Rare First Edition "The New Creatures" Book PASS
324 Jim Morrison Worn Necklace PASS
325 The Doors Signed Reservation Book Page 3500
326 The Doors Signed Elektra Records Agreement Amendment 3630
327 The Doors Original White Matte RIAA Gold Record Award 1774
328 The Doors Original Outtake Photograph From First Album Cover Shoot PASS
329 The Doors at Cow Palace Original Poster PASS
330 The Doors Original Vintage Contact Sheet 200
331 The Doors Original Vintage Contact Sheet by Gene Trindl PASS
332 Jim Morrison "16 Magazine" Original Vintage Stamped Photograph by Gloria Stavers 150
333 Jim Morrison "16 Magazine" Original Vintage Stamped Photograph by Gloria Stavers 100
334 The Doors Signed Autobiography 100
335 Janis Joplin/Big Brother and The Holding Company Original RIAA White Matte Gold Record Award 1952
336 Janis Joplin Original Vintage Stamped Contact Sheet by Jim Marshall 200
337 Janis Joplin Fillmore East 1969 Original Vintage Photograph 100
338 Janis Joplin Photograph Signed by Big Brother and the Holding Company 125
339 Big Brother Signed Janis Joplin Fillmore East Reprint Poster With Screw Magazine 250
340 "The Byrds Greatest Hits" White Matte RIAA Gold Record Award 3025
341 The Byrds Signed 1965 "Shindig" AFTRA Contract 1210
342 The Byrds Signed Management Contract PASS
343 The Byrds Lynch Memorial Gym Original Poster PASS
344 The Byrds & The Flying Burrito Brothers 1969 Boston Tea Party Original Concert Poster PASS
345 The Byrds Chris Hillman Handwritten Archive PASS
346 The Byrds and Tim Hardin at the Leonard Gym Original Poster PASS
347 The Byrds and Bill Withers at the Paramount Original Poster PASS
348 The Byrds at the Fillmore Auditorium Original Concert Poster 400
349 The Byrds McGuinn and Hillman Signed "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" Album PASS
350 The Byrds and Redeye Original Concert Poster PASS
351 The Byrds 1970 Meehan Auditorium Original Concert Poster PASS
352 The Byrds Gene Clark Signature and Rhythm 'n' News 200
353 The Byrds Signatures Display PASS
354 The Byrds Roger McGuinn Signed "Farther Along" Album PASS
355 McGuinn, Clark & Hillman Signed Album PASS
356 Roger McGuinn Signed First Solo Album PASS
357 Roger McGuinn Vintage Original Stamped Contact Sheet by Bruce McBroom PASS
358 The Byrds Original Vintage Stamped Jim Marshall Photograph 100
359 Kiss Gene Simmons Custom Made Platform "Demon" Boots 5310
360 KISS Signed Original White Matte RIAA Gold Album Award for Debut "KISS" Album 1000
361 Kiss Signed "Destroyer" RIAA Platinum Award 625
362 Kiss Gene Simmons Handwritten Lyrics and Signed "Family Jewels" Promotion 500
363 Kiss Paul Stanley "Alive Tour" Stage Worn Spandex Costume 500
364 KISS 1975 Original Concert Poster PASS
365 KISS Signed "The Best of the Solo Albums" Album 596
366 KISS Signed "KISS" Album PASS
367 KISS Gene Simmons Handwritten "100,000 Years", "Strutter" and "High and Low" Lyrics 3336
368 Vintage KISS Colorforms Set 125
369 KISS Signed "Dynasty" Album 250
370 KISS Signed Limited Edition "Psycho-Circus" Full Motion Wall Art Display PASS
371 KISS 1978 Rare Parachute Jacket 150
372 Kurt Cobain Halloween 1991 Backstage Worn Santa Hat Used in In Utero CD Artwork 2363
373 Kurt Cobain Handwritten Unreleased Lyrics 2148
374 Kurt Cobain Hand Drawn Airbrush Illustration 3808
375 Courtney Love Handwritten Unpublished Lyrics PASS
376 Anthony Kiedes Stage and Video Worn Nudies Suit 7321
377 Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea Signed Custom "Flea Model" Electric Bass Guitar and Case PASS
378 Anthony Kiedes Stage Worn Skirt 1000
379 James Brown Original Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award PASS
380 James Brown Concert Worn Custom Made Red Military Suit 2000
381 James Brown Original U.S. Passport 4028
382 James Brown Handwritten Unreleased Lyrics PASS
383 James Brown Stage Worn Pink Bowtie 150
384 James Brown Signed "Shindig" Contract 150
385 James Brown Handwritten Postcard PASS
386 Elton John Custom Made Rhinestone Sunglasses PASS
387 Elton John Stage Worn Pink Suit 500
388 Elton John Signed "Greatest Hits 1970-2002" Limited Edition Lithograph Art Print PASS
389 Prince and The Revolution "Kiss" Original Grammy Award PASS
390 Prince and The Revolution Best Music Video Original Grammy Nomination Certificate PASS
391 Prince and Bobby Z Historic Collection PASS
392 Prince "Parade" Golden Reel and "1999" Double Platinum Awards PASS
393 Prince "Purple Rain" Tour Worn Jewelry Collection 575
394 Prince "Purple Rain' Tour Worn Wardrobe Collection 807
395 Prince Signed Photograph 541
396 Bo Diddley Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award PASS
397 Bo Diddley Hand Drawn, Annotated and Dated "At the House of Blues" Picture PASS
398 Bo Diddley Handwritten "Bo Diddley Is Crazy" Lyrics PASS
399 Bo Diddley Original U.S. Passport 3900
400 Bo Diddley Signed 1969 Performance Contract 260
401 Madonna's Handwritten 1990 "To Do" Diary PASS
402 Madonna "Confessions" World Tour Stage Worn Cowboy Hat 1350
403 Madonna Handwritten Letter PASS
404 Madonna's Personal Handwritten Telephone and Address Book 800
405 Madonna Handwritten "To-Do" Lists PASS
406 Madonna Handwritten Herb Ritts "To-Do" List PASS
407 Madonna Hand-Annotated Concert Tour Personnel List PASS
408 Madonna Signed Letter and Concert Collection PASS
409 Madonna's Hand-Annotated "Sex" Miami Photo Shoot Production Book 500
410 Madonna Owned and Worn White Bustier From Her "Like A Virgin" Tour 1735
411 Madonna Signed Herb Ritts "Vogue" Photograph 862
412 Madonna Handwritten Gift Card 440
413 Madonna Hand-Drawn & Annotated Sketch 300
414 Madonna Handwritten Beverly Hills Directions 200
415 Madonna Signed Photograph  250
416 Madonna's Personal Copy of "Who's That Girl?" PASS
417 Lady Gaga Signed Photograph 368
418 Lady Gaga Signed "The Fame" Album 446
419 Lady Gaga 2006 Signed Original CD PASS
420 Lady Gaga Never Released 2002 Original Demo CD Recording PASS
421 Lady Gaga "Stefani Germanotta" 2005 Original CD PASS
422 Lady Gaga "Stefani Germanotta Band, Words" Circa 2005 Original CD PASS
423 Lady Gaga 2006 Original CD Produced by Rob Fusari PASS
424 Lady Gaga "Stefani Red and Blue" 2006 Original CD PASS
425 Lady Gaga Original 2006 OSIA Showcase Performance DVD PASS
426 Britney Spears Concert Worn Gold Jumpsuit PASS
427 Britney Spears Concert Worn Long White Coat PASS
428 Britney Spears "Up The Slide" Handwritten Book Report PASS
429 Blondie Vintage "Parallel Lines" Outtake Photograph 300
430 Deborah Harry Original Vintage Photograph by Chris Stein 963
431 Debbie Harry Original Vintage Photograph By Chris Stein PASS
432 Debbie Harry Original Vintage Photograph By Chris Stein 368
433 Deborah Harry Original Photograph by Chris Stein 275
434 Guns ‘N’ Roses Slash Signed Custom Top Hat 800
435 Rod Stewart Concert Worn Jacket PASS
436 Macy Gray Stage Worn Dress 300
437 Stevie Wonder "Superstition" Original Grammy Award PASS
438 Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" Grammy Nomination Plaque PASS
439 "The Best of The Loving Spoonful" White Matte RIAA Gold Record Award 1000
440 Blood, Sweat and Tears "And When I Die" Original White Matte RIAA Gold 45 Record Award 1200
441 The Young Rascals "Groovin" Original White Matt RIAA Gold 45 Record Award 800
442 Three Dog Night "Golden Biscuits" Original White Matte RIAA Gold Album Award 1065
443 The Rascals "Time Peace: The Rascals Greatest Hits" Original White Matte RIAA Gold Album Award 1000
444 The Rascals "Freedom Suite" Original White Matte RIAA Gold Album Award 1000
445 The Young Rascals "Groovin" Original White Matt RIAA Gold Album Award PASS
446 The Young Rascals Original White Matte RIAA Gold Album Award PASS
447 The Young Rascals "Collections" White Matte RIAA Gold Record Award 1210
448 Blood, Sweat & Tears "B, S & T; 4" White Matte RIAA Gold Record Award PASS
449 Grand Funk "All The Girls In The World Beware!!!" White Matte RIAA Gold Record Award 1172
450 Lynyrd Skynyrd "Skynyrd's Innyrds: Their Greatest Hits" Multi-Platinum RIAA Award 300
451 TLC "Waterfalls" Grammy Collection PASS
452 Phish "Hoist" RIAA Gold Record Award PASS
453 Bell Biv Devoe Golden Reel Award and BMI Citation for "Poison" PASS
454 James Blunt Personal French Gold Record Award PASS
455 Bjork "Homogenic" RIAA Gold Record Award PASS
456 Phil Spector BMI Award Certificate for "Honky Tonk Women" 100
457 Phil Spector BMI Award Certificate for "Spanish Harlem" 100
458 INXS Michael Hutchinson Handwritten "Mystify" Working Lyrics 7000
459 Jewel Personal Handwritten, Signed and Inscribed Lyrics Journal PASS
460 Howard Stern Signed "Private Parts" Lyrics PASS
461 Aerosmith Steven Tyler Signed Credit Card PASS
462 Crosby, Stills and Nash Signed Limited Edition "Guinevere" and "Marrakesh Express" Lyrics PASS
463 Ray Charles Signed Braille Lithograph PASS
464 Alice Cooper Handwritten "Skeletons In My Closet" Lyrics 400
465 a-ha Handwritten Working Lyrics for "Take On Me" 1854
466 Eddie Vedder Handwritten Working Lyrics 862
467 Barenaked Ladies Jim Creegan Handwritten and Signed "She Married A Cowboy" Working Lyrics PASS
468 Sammy Davis, Jr. Signed Check and Personal Desert Inn Casino VIP Card 300
469 Jefferson Airplane Marty Balin Signed Contract PASS
470 Michael McDonald & James Ingram Handwritten & Signed "Yah Mo Be There" Lyrics and Signed Photographs PASS
471 The Lovin’ Spoonful "Do You Believe In Magic" Signed Lyrics 303
472 Guns ‘N’ Roses Slash Signed Collection 225
473 The Clash Signed Drumhead PASS
474 Billy Joel Signed "The Bridge" Limited Edition Original Lithograph 200
475 Michael McDonald Handwritten and Signed "Takin' It to The Streets" Lyrics and Photograph 250
476 Jeff Beck Group 1969 Performance Contract 200
477 The Grass Roots Signed Agreement PASS
478 Wilson Pickett Endorsed Check with Photograph PASS
479 Lovin' Spoonful Signed Promotional Card 334
480 Paul Revere and the Raiders Signed Album Page PASS
481 Lovin' Spoonful Signatures 200
482 The Young Rascals Felix Cavaliere Signed Performance Contract With Photographs PASS
483 Paul Revere and The Raiders Performance Contract PASS
484 Allman Brothers Duane Allman Signed Performance Contract 656
485 The Beach Boys Signed "Bob Hope Show" Contract 656
486 Eric Burdon and the Animals Signed Original 1967 New Zealand Tour Program 200
487 Cat Stevens "Yousef Islam" Signed Original 1976 Tour DVD Promotional Poster PASS
488 Mick Fleetwood Signed Archive PASS
489 Cream 1966 Marquee Club Performance Contract 875
490 The Busboys Handwritten and Signed "The Boys Are Back In Town" Lyrics 125
491 Otis Rush Signed Archive 150
492 Donald Fagen Signed "You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It (or you'll lost that beat)" Album PASS
493 Warren Zevon, Jackson Brown and Stevie Nicks Signed Album 250
494 Lowell Fulson Handwritten & Signed Letter 100
495 Scotty Moore 1962 Sam Philips Recording Studios Receipt PASS
496 Ann Miller Signed William Morris Contract PASS
497 Martha Ray Signed William Morris Contract PASS
498 Boz Skaggs Signed Virgin Records Contract PASS
499 Arlo Guthrie Handwritten & Signed "City of New Orleans" Lyric 185
500 Brian Wilson Handwritten & Signed Check with Photograph 100
501 Taj Mahal Signed Performance Contract PASS
502 The Eagles Signed Cards 235
503 Tiny Tim Handwritten & Signed Letter With Original "Mr. Ed" 45 Record and Sleeve 100
504 Phil Spector Handwritten & Signed Letter with Envelope 100
505 Three Dog Night Signed Concert Flyer 135
506 Lovin' Spoonful Signed Autograph Page 100
507 Rod Stewart Signed "Downtown Train" Sheet Music PASS
508 Cher "Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Special" Letter of Confirmation PASS
509 Mitch Ryder Twice Signed Performance Contract PASS
510 Clarence Carter Signed Performance Contract PASS
511 The Young Rascals Signed Concert Collection 100
512 Allman Brothers Duane Allman Signed Performance Contract 977
513 The Young Rascals Signed Agreement Letter 100
514 Eddie Brigati Signed The Young Rascals "You Better Run" Lyrics PASS
515 Badfinger Letter Copy of Agreement PASS
516 The Move Roy Wood Signed Performance Contract PASS
517 Lovin' Spoonful Signature Cuts With "She Is Still A Mystery" Sheet Music PASS
518 Johnny Rivers Signed Copyright Agreement PASS
519 Donovan Leitch Signed Recording Agreement Letter 100
520 Donovan Leitch Handwritten and Signed 10-Page Letter 200
521 Phil Collins Signed Contract Letter PASS
522 Signed Contract and Letter Archive: Cyndi Lauper, Anita Baker, John Mayall PASS
523 The Grass Roots Signed Agreement PASS
524 David Geffen Signed "Laura Nyro" Proposed Sale of Securities Document 368
525 1967 Signed Contract Archive PASS
526 Spanky & Her Gang Signed Recording Agreement 100
527 Clarence White Signed Byrds "Bugler" Lyrics and "Farther Along" Album Photo Session Photographs 446
528 Billy Joel Signed Microphone 175
529 The Monkees Signed & Lyrics Inscribed Drumhead 368
530 The Allman Brothers Band "Beacon Theater" Signed Drumhead 200
531 "A Walk Down Abbey Road" Beatles Tribute Tour Signed Drumhead 100
532 Terry Knight Handwritten & Signed 1967 Postcard 125
533 Terry Knight Signed 1967 Engagement Contract Letter 125
534 Eddie Brigati Handwritten & Signed "How Can I Be Sure" Lyrics 150
535 Muhammad Ali Signed "Healing" Bookplate and Book 303
536 Howard Stern Signed "Miss America" Book PASS
537 Aerosmith Signed "Walk This Way" Autobiography 100
538 Matchbox Twenty Rob Thomas Signed Sheet Music 100
539 Temptations David English Handwritten Lyrics Collection 100
540 Deep Purple Ian Gillian "Jack Ruby" Handwritten Lyrics 100
541 Lindsey Buckingham Handwritten Lyrics for "The Amazing Johnny Stew" and "Mary Lee Jones" 210
542 David C. Thomas Signed Blood, Sweat & Tears "Spinning Wheel" Sheet Music With Photograph 100
543 Jackson Brown, Billy Joel and Warren Zevon Signatures 225
544 The Lovin' Spoonful Handwritten & Signed "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice" Lyrics 225
545 Sly Stone Handwritten & Signed Sly and The Family Stone "Life" Lyrics 405
546 Link Wray Signed Archive 225
547 Mothers of Invention/Grandmothers, Project Object Signed Archive 110
548 Tommy James Signed Autobiography 50
549 Howard Stern Signed "Private Parts" Autobiography 50
550 Neil Young Signed "Greendale" Book 135
551 Tommy Lee Signed "Tommy Land" Autobiography 70
552 Pearl Bailey Signed "Duey's Tale" With Signed Photograph 50
553 The Family Performance Contract and Check PASS
554 Yngwee Malmsteen Owned & Heavily Stage Used Custom Electric Guitar and Flight Case PASS
555 Rick Springfield Stage Used Custom-Made Signed & Inscribed Guitar PASS
556 Aerosmith Brad Whitford Stage Used and Own Electric Guitar PASS
557 Aerosmith Brad Whitford Owned and Stage Used Zitlau Electric Guitar With Custom Case PASS
558 Jewel Studio Used and Signed Acoustic Guitar PASS
559 Bonnie Raitt Signed & Inscribed Personal Sunburst Fender Guitar PASS
560 Ike & Tina Turner Signed Electric Guitar PASS
561 Woodstock Performers Signed and Inscribed Acoustic Guitar 880
562 U2 Signed Pick Guard PASS
563 Guns ‘N’ Roses Duff Signed and Inscribed Electric Bass Guitar PASS
564 Kid Rock Signed "American Flag" Acoustic Guitar PASS
565 B.B. King Signed "Lucille" Electric Guitar 932
566 B.B. King Signed Electric Guitar 660
567 Guns N' Roses Signed Electric Guitar 500
568 B.B. King Signed Pick Guard PASS
569 The Band Signed Pick Guard PASS
570 Creedence Clearwater Revival Signed Pick Guard PASS
571 Peter Gabriel "Biko" Lyrics Inscribed & Signed Pick Guard PASS
572 Carlos Santana Signed & "Black Magic Woman" Inscribed Gibson Electric Guitar 888
573 Les Paul Signed Electric Guitar PASS
574 Sugar Ray Signed Electric Guitar PASS
575 Weezer Brian Bell Signed Custom-Made Guitar PASS
576 Jefferson Airplane Signed Electric Guitar 949
577 Def Leppard Custom Made Washburn British Flag Guitar PASS
578 Lynyrd Skynyrd Signed Electric Guitar 454
579 The All-American Rejects Signed Electric Guitar and Case PASS
580 James Taylor Signed Electric Guitar PASS
581 Gregg Allman Signed Electric Guitar 440
582 Stephen Stills Signed Electric Guitar PASS
583 Dale Earnhardt Signed Electric Guitar PASS
584 Ian Anderson Signed Electric Guitar PASS
585 Tom Petty Signed Electric Guitar 711
586 Creedence Clearwater Revival Signed Electric Guitar PASS
587 AC/DC Band Signed Electric Guitar 400
588 Alice Cooper Band Signed Electric Guitar 363
589 Sex Pistols Signed Electric Guitar 363
590 Todd Rundgren Signed Pick Guard PASS
591 Beach Boys Brian Wilson & Mike Love Signed Pick Guard 300
592 America Signed Electric Guitar 275
593 Arlo Guthrie Signed Electric Guitar 541
594 Jewel Signed Electric Guitar PASS
595 The B-52's Signed Electric Guitar 200
596 Jessica Simpson Signed Electric Guitar PASS
597 Kenny Rogers Signed Electric Guitar PASS
598 Chicago Signed Electric Guitar PASS
599 The Doobie Brothers Signed Electric Guitar 303
600 Steve Miller Signed Electric Guitar PASS
601 Jeff Buckley Signed Pick Guard PASS
602 Queen Signed "Queen Live" Album PASS
603 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Signed "American Dream" Album PASS
604 Otis Redding Signed "Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)" 45 Record PASS
605 Queen Signed "A Day At The Races" Album 1854
606 The Young Rascals Signed "Groovin'" Album 368
607 The Ramones Signed "Pleasant Dreams" Album 405
608 Buffalo Springfield Signed "Last Time Around" Album With Neil Young 334
609 AC/DC Signed "Back In Black" Album PASS
610 Fleetwood Mac Signed "Rumours" Album 541
611 Noel Redding Signed & Inscribed "Electric Ladyland" Album PASS
612 Arthur Lee Handwritten Set List and Signed "Love" Album 303
613 Jeff Beck, Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas Signed "Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop" Album 150
614 Brian Wilson Signed Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Album 150
615 Bon Jovi Signed Album 100
616 Bono Signed U2 "Under A Blood Red Sky" Album 1060
617 Johnny Cash Signed "The Rambler" Album 150
618 Diana Ross and The Supremes Signed "Classics" Album 334
619 Charlie Watts Signed Rolling Stones "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out" Album 125
620 Johnny Cash Signed "That's The Truth" 45 Record PASS
621 Peter Frampton Signed "St. Thomas (Know How I Feel)" 45 Record PASS
622 Three Dog Night Signed "Cyan" Album 160
623 Billy Joel Signed and Inscribed "Greatest Hits: Volume I & Volume II" Album 125
624 Todd Rundgren Signed Album 100
625 Journey Signed "Raised On Radio" Album 596
626 David Bowie Signed "Underground" 12" Single Record 100
627 Van Halen Signed "Van Halen II" Album 100
628 Billy Joel Signed "An Innocent Man" Album PASS
629 Jefferson Airplane Signed "2400 Fulton Street" Album 405
630 Gregg Allman and Cher Signed "Two the Hard Way" Album 225
631 Eric Carmen Signed "Raspberries' Best" Album 100
632 Van Halen Signed "Van Halen I" Album 150
633 Cheech and Chong Signed Album 160
634 Blood, Sweat and Tears Signed Album 500
635 Graham Nash Signed "Songs For Beginners" Album PASS
636 Van Morrison Signed "A Period of Transition" Album PASS
637 Taj Mahal Signed Album PASS
638 The Rascals Signed "Once Upon A Dream" Album 100
639 Todd Rundgren Signed "Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren" Album PASS
640 Arthur Lee Signed "The Third Coming of Love" Album 315
641 Moby Grape Signed "Wow" Album 666
642 Poco Signed "Legend" Album PASS
643 Willie Nelson and Leon Russell Signed "One for the Road" Album PASS
644 Nick Gravenites Signed "Live At Bill Graham's Fillmore West" Album PASS
645 Hubert Sumlin Signed Howlin' Wolf Album 100
646 Quicksilver Messenger Service Signed Album PASS
647 Skip Battin Signed & Personally Destroyed "Byrdmaniax" Album 150
648 Poco Signed "Pickin' Up The Pieces" Album 100
649 Eric Carmen Signed "Boats Against The Current" Album 50
650 General Public Wakeling & Roger Signed "All The Rage" Album 50
651 Commander Cody Signed "Lost Planet Airmen" Album 50
652 Buckingham/Nicks Album Cover Vintage Archival Photograph PASS
653 Howard Stern "Private Parts" Alternate Album Cover Proofs PASS
654 Ray Charles Original Vintage Photograph PASS
655 Crosby, Stills and Nash Original Vintage Jim Marshall Stamped Contact Sheet 200
656 Joni Mitchell Original Photograph 100
657 Fleetwood Mac Original Photograph 100
658 Ray Charles Original Photograph by Mickey Adair 150
659 Van Halen Original Photograph PASS
660 MC5 Original Photograph PASS
661 Michael Bloomfield Monterey Pop Festival Original Photograph PASS
662 Alice Cooper Original Vintage Stamped Contact Sheet by Jim Marshall PASS
663 Alice Cooper Original Vintage Stamped Contact Sheet by Jim Marshall PASS
664 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young & Grateful Dead Original Vintage Stamped Contact Sheet by Jim Marshall 175
665 Alice Cooper Original Vintage Stamped Contact Sheet by Jim Marshall PASS
666 Jefferson Airplane Original Vintage Stamped Contact Sheets by Jim Marshall PASS
667 Buffalo Springfield Original Vintage Stamped Contact Sheets by Gene Trindl PASS
668 Jefferson Airplane and Rick Griffin Original Vintage Stamped Jim Marshall Contact Sheets PASS
669 Alice Cooper Original Photographs PASS
670 Arlo Guthrie & Joan Baez at Woodstock Original Vintage Stamped Jim Marshall Photograph 225
671 Lenny Kravitz Signed Book and Photograph Collection PASS
672 The Kardashians Signed Photograph PASS
673 The Osbournes Signed Photograph PASS
674 Fillmore East Marquee Photograph Signed by 12 Including Richie Furay, Les Paul and Taj Mahal 250
675 The Sopranos Cast Signed Artist's Picture 200
676 The Byrds Signed Photograph 1099
677 Woodstock Photograph Signed by 15 Performers 200
678 The Eagles Signed Photograph and Guitar Picks 225
679 Sonny & Cher Signed Photograph 275
680 Les Paul Signed Photograph PASS
681 The Beach Boys Signed Photograph 963
682 Johnny Cash 1968 Original Photograph Signed by John Rowlands 275
683 The Beach Boys 1966 Original Photograph Signed by John Rowlands PASS
684 Chuck Berry 1968 Vintage Photograph Signed by John Rowlands 120
685 Alice Cooper Signed Photograph With John Lennon 225
686 Aerosmith Signed Photograph 150
687 Paul Simonon Signed Clash Photograph 405
688 John Sinclair Signed Photographs PASS
689 The Young Rascals Signed Photograph 150
690 The Young Rascals Signed Photograph 150
691 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Signed Photograph 200
692 Eddie Brigati Signed Photograph PASS
693 Gregg Allman Limited Edition Original Photograph Signed and Numbered by Photographer PASS
694 Johnny Winter Signed Rolling Stone Photograph PASS
695 Johnny Cash Signed Limited Edition Original Photograph PASS
696 Barbra Streisand "Stoney End" Cover Original Outtake Photograph Signed on the Frame by Streisand PASS
697 Peter Frampton Signed 1976 Rolling Stone Magazine Cover PASS
698 The Monkees With Jack Nicholson Limited Edition Original Photograph Signed by Henry Diltz 150
699 Janis Joplin at Woodstock Limited Edition Original Photograph Signed by Henry Diltz 963
700 John Lee Hooker and Deacon Jones Signed Photograph PASS
701 Rod Stewart Signed Photograph PASS
702 Jeff Beck Signed Photograph 275
703 Peter Gabriel Signed Photograph 722
704 Arthur Lee Love Signed Photograph 50
705 Chuck Berry Signed Photograph 670
706 Dion Signed Photograph 50
707 Alton Kelly Signed Electric Boys Artwork PASS
708 Lee Conklin "Hark" Original Artwork PASS
709 Mark Jay “Sex Pistols – The Story So Far” Original Poster Artwork PASS
710 David Singer Original Poster Artwork for Free/Spencer David and Others at the Fillmore PASS
711 Eric Burdon and the Animals 1967 New Zealand Tour Original Poster PASS
712 1967 Magic Mountain Music Festival Original Poster PASS
713 Randy Tuten Signed Concert Ad Art 1100
714 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers At The Whiskey Flyer PASS
715 Blind Faith 1969 Earl Warren Showgrounds Original Poster 800
716 The Young Rascals Long Island Arena Original Poster PASS
717 The Young Rascals 1968 Original Concert Poster PASS
718 Garden State Rock Festival Vintage Boxing-Style Original Poster PASS
719 Moby Grape Signed "The Witch" Halloween 1977 Original Poster also Signed by Artist PASS
720 Paul Revere and the Raiders Original Concert Poster PASS
721 Original Rick Griffin Pacific Vibrations Movie Poster 550
722 Randy Tuten Signed The Doors at Madison Square Garden 30th Anniversary Poster Artwork 500
723 Gary Grimshaw Signed Original Poster Art for Eric Clapton at the Gateway Arena PASS
724 Original Shure Microphone Artwork and Poster Featuring Mick Jagger, Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey PASS
725 Original 1957 Little Richard/Jimmy Reed Boxing Style Concert Poster 977
726 Original 1959 Jackie Wilson/Sam Cooke Boxing Style Concert Poster 1433
727 Chuck Berry at the Fillmore West Original Concert Poster PASS
728 Blood, Sweat & Tears Original Paramount Northwest Concert Poster PASS
729 Doctor John and KISS 1974 Original Concert Poster 440
730 Fillmore West "Santana Lion" Poster and Ticket With Lee Conklin Signed Santana Album 300
731 Oasis at the Royal Oak Music Theatre Original Poster Art by Gary Grimshaw 300
732 The Art of The Fillmore: The Poster Series 1966-1971 Artists Signed Limited Edition Book 275
733 Savoy Brown at the Fillmore West Original Concert Poster PASS
734 Murray the K Signature and Circa 1965 Easter Show Handbill PASS
735 Fillmore East Original 1971 Postcard Featuring Buddy Miles, Big Brother, Hot Tuna, Fleetwood Mac And More PASS
736 Randy Tuten Signed Display Ad Artwork Bill Graham Presents 1975-76 PASS
737 Randy Tuten Signed Display Ad Artwork Bill Graham Presents 1978-79 PASS
738 "Hells Angels Forever" Original Promotional Handbill and Program 200
739 "Hells Angels Forever" Original Poster and Program PASS
740 Stanley Mouse Signed 1968 Tuesday Night Jam Carousel Poster PASS
741 Alice Cooper at The Park Original Poster Artwork Signed by Gary Grimshaw PASS
742 The Young Rascals at the Matawan-Keyport Roller Dome Original Concert Poster 200
743 Canned Heat Circa 1960's Original Concert Flyer 200
744 The Young Rascals 1966 Original Concert Flyer PASS
745 Procol Harum/Blodwyn Pig/Leon Russell San Bernadino Swing Auditorium Original Poster PASS
746 America Signed "Highway: 30 Years of America" Poster PASS
747 Ian Anderson Signed Jethro Tull Fillmore West Original Poster 200
748 Laura Nyro and The Band at the Berkeley Community Center Original Poster PASS
749 Two David Singer Designed Fillmore West Bill Graham Presents Posters PASS
750 Monkees 1967 Tour Program and Concert Ticket 150
751 Original "Black Power" OSPAAAL Poster PASS
752 Marvin Gaye Original Concert Flyer 150
753 Rock & Roll Handbills Featuring Peter Noon, Gerry & The Pacemakers and The Monkees PASS
754 Paul Revere and The Raiders Concert Flyer PASS
755 Terry Knight Signed & Inscribed Galion Theatre Original Poster 100
756 Willie Nelson 1984 "Fourth of July Picnic" Concert Poster Signed by Artist PASS
757 The Monkees Signed "Head" Original Movie Poster 286
758 Laura Nyro "Smile" Album Promotion Poster PASS
759 The Blues Project 1967 Original Poster Signed by Vincent Moscoso 175
760 A Collection of Rock & Roll Sheet Music PASS
761 Rock & Roll Concert Handbill and Cards Collection Featuring The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 100
762 Tower of Power and Taj Mahal Original Concert Posters PASS
763 Ray Davies Limited Edition Original Concert Poster Signed and Numbered by Artist PASS
764 1967 Hari Krishna Original Poster from East Totem West PASS
765 13th Floor Elevators Original Avalon Ballroom Poster PASS
766 Paramount Northwest Concert Poster With J. Geils Band, Peter Frampton, Savoy Brown and More PASS
767 Quicksilver Messenger Service/Buddy Miles Bill 1970 Graham Presents Fillmore West Original Concert Poster PASS
768 Fillmore East Original Program Archive PASS
769 Rock & Roll Concert Program Archive PASS
770 Jane's Addiction Original Concert Poster 303
771 Bob Marley and the Wailers 1979 New Zealand Tour Original Program 303
772 New Monk/Keystone Korner Original Handbill Featuring Muddy Waters and Quicksilver PASS
773 The Supremes Original 1966 White Bread Bag PASS
774 1969 Kinetic Playground and Aragon Ballroom Handbill Reprints PASS
775 The Cramps Halloween Ball at The Fillmore Original Poster PASS
776 Jefferson Airplane and Yardbirds "Teens 'N Twenties Dance" Flyer 50
777 Family Dog 1979 Tribal Stomp Monterey Card PASS
778 Ike and Tina Turner Collection 1172
779 Lou Reed 1973 Berlin Tour Used "Transformer" Logo Stickers and Backstage Passes PASS
780 Ray Charles Archive PASS
781 Concert Ticket Archive: Santana, Free & Cactus, Sly and the Family Stone and More PASS
782 Concert Tickets and Schaefer Music Festival Handbill Archive Circa 1969/70 PASS
783 Rock & Roll Concert Ticket Collection Featuring The Grateful Dead PASS
784 "Duke of Earl" Gene Chandler Poster PASS
785 Rock & Roll Archive PASS
786 Ramones Rare Original "First World Tour Winter 1978" T-Shirt 368
787 Manfred Mann/The Kinks/The Honeycombs 1965 New Zealand Tour Original Program PASS
788 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Concert Archive PASS
789 Rock & Roll Concert Postal Booking Forms Featuring Herman's Hermits, The Searchers and Dusty Springfield 150
790 The Vagrants Promotional Profile Pull-Out 50
791 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Concert Crew Jacket 795
792 Mahavishnu Orchestra Program 50
793 Peter Max Signed and Hand Painted Minnesota Vikings Football Helmet 1500
794 Peter Max Original Drawing 225
795 Steve Kaufman Hand Painted "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali" Plate PASS
796 Steve Kaufman Original Hand Painted Boxing Gloves Signed by Kaufman and Muhammad Ali PASS
797 Steve Kaufman Limited Edition Original Hand Painted Campbell’s Soup Artwork 800
798 Keith Haring Rare Handwritten & Signed Letter 2250
799 Keith Haring Original Estate Authorized Silk Screen Print 1700
800 Pablo Picasso Signed Original 1949 "Pablo Picasso in Vallauris" Lithograph 1870
801 Agam Signed Original "Agamograph" Multi-Dimensional Artwork PASS
802 Mark Kostabi Hand-Drawn & Signed Angel Drawing PASS
803 Murikami Rare Silk Screen Artwork PASS
804 Romero Britto Signed Original Butterfly Sculpture 2516
805 Andy Warhol Original Pink Marilyn Monroe "Sunday Be Morning" Edition Screen Print PASS
806 Andy Warhol Original Red Marilyn Monroe "Sunday Be Morning" Edition Screen Print 800
807 Andy Warhol Signature Display With Photograph PASS
808 Syd Barrett Owned Paintbrushes & Paint Ex Syd Barrett Estate 446
809 Rare Early 1900's Vintage Circus Poster Collection PASS
810 AC/DC Album Cover Concept Artwork PASS
811 Robert Crumb Archive PASS
812 Aerosmith Limited Edition Original Lithograph Signed by Al Hirschfeld PASS
813 Carlos Santana Signed Lithograph Art Print PASS
814 Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks Signed "Orange Crate Art" Poster PASS
815 Stone Temple Pilots Original Photograph and "Tiny Music" Album Artwork Collection PASS
816 Dire Straights Signed "Brothers In Arms" Art Picture 368
817 Ken Kesey Signed Further On! Calendar PASS
818 Stanley Mouse Card/Postcard Archive PASS
819 Paris Hilton Signed Original Hand-Drawn Painting PASS
820 Colbie Caillat Signed Original Hand-Drawn Painting 400
821 James Dean's Rolleiflex Camera, Tripod and Case Circa 1954 4189
822 Dennis Hopper Rare Signed & Inscribed 1952 High School Yearbook 675
823 Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy and James Dean Hair Displays 2100
824 Dolly Parton London Stage and "Shinola" Video Worn "Wild Thing" Costume 2000
825 Cher's Faux Diamond Necklace and Earrings Worn on Cover of "Vanity Fair" PASS
826 Farrah Fawcett Signed Poster PASS
827 Cher Owned and Worn Black Bodysuit 225
828 Liza Minelli Signed Performance Contract and Signed Photograph 225
829 Jacklyn Smith Rare Charlie's Angels Contract and Signed Photograph 250
830 Magician David Blaine Signed "Frozen In Time" Poster PASS
831 Seinfeld Rare Cast Signed "Wizard of Oz" and "Soup Nazi" Ladle PASS
832 Ronald and Nancy Reagan Signed Collection PASS
833 Carlo Gambino Endorsed Check 150
834 Sammy Davis Jr.'s Watch With Photo Inset 200
835 Arnold Schwarzenegger Signature "T-800 Terminator" Life-Size Prop From "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" PASS
836 Princess Diana Worn Fuchsia Pink Evening Dress by Victor Edelstein 171191