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Pink Floyd Roger Waters Owned and Played Guitar Used To Record A Rare Version of "Wish You Were Here" Roger’s Original Recording Accompanies the Guitar!

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters owned and played black Martin acoustic guitar, from his personal collection that he has also boldly signed and inscribed. Roger recorded a rare, unreleased version of Pink Floyd’s "Wish You Were Here" using this guitar, and the recording comes with the guitar (the recording has been copyrighted by Waters and is included for the buyer's personal and private use only). Roger donated this guitar to the charity TECHO-Chile Anti-Poverty Charity for their 2012 auction to benefit their cause.

Prince “Purple Rain” Original Iconic Album Cover Artwork from the Personal Collection of Graphic Artist Jay Vigon

The original graphic artwork hand-drawn by artist Jay Vigon including all of his original working versions and the final version that appeared on the actual album cover and was used for everything pertaining to the “Purple Rain” movie, album and tour!

Arnold Palmer Signed Augusta National Golf Club Score Card

All proceeds from the sale of this score card will be donated to the charity of the high bidder’s choice!

Vintage Fruit Crate Label Collection

A slice of real down-home Americana, this collection of vintage original fruit crate labels features some of the most sought-after labels from the 1910’s through the 1950’s. The vintage designs and colors are as lush and vibrant as they were on the day the labels were first made, with most labels in mint condition!

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Iconic Movie Photograph Signed by Robert Redford and Paul Newman

Babe Ruth Original 1920's Signature



Tupac Shakur Handwritten & Signed Letter to Madonna from Prison

On Tuesday June 4, 2019, the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court, in a unanimous 5-0 decision, ruled in favor of and against Madonna over the auction of her personal items including a breakup letter from rap legend Tupac Shakur. “We won at the trial court, and now a unanimous appeals court in Manhattan has sided for us said owners of Jeffrey Haas, attorney for, added, “My co-counsel Hartley Bernstein and I were fully prepared in the event Madonna appealed the soundly decided lower court decision, and it was gratifying to see that justice continued to be blind to Madonna’s celebrity and money and the alchemy of her high profile legal counsel.” Added co-counsel Hartley Bernstein, “Celebrity does not trump the facts. Here, those facts were plain as day. Ms. Lutz, the consignor, owns the items and is free to sell them on her behalf.”

Featured Items

Banksy Bristol Cathedral School 1989 Class Photograph - Only Known Confirmed Facial Image

Michael Jackson Circa 1979 "Destiny Tour" Stage Worn Custom "Suit of Lights” with Original Contest Letter

Beyoncé “On The Run Tour II” Stage Worn Custom White Lace Outfit

Lady Gaga "Joanne World Tour" Costume Worn in "Trapped" Stage Video

Lady Gaga Roseland Ballroom Stage Worn Gold Metal Corset

The Doors Rare Early Original 1967 R.P.I. Field House Concert Poster

Eric Clapton Personally Owned and Played Custom Taylor Sunburst Guitar From His Personal Collection

Ace Frehley KISS Stage Worn and Signed Space Suit Vest

John Bonham's Owned & Used Atlantic Records Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Janis Joplin Owned & Worn Vintage Outfit

Rihanna "What's My Name" Music Video Jacket Worn with Drake

Sia 2015 Vanity Fair Academy Awards After-Party Worn Outfit

Michael Jackson & Michael Jordan Signed Chicago Bulls "23" Jersey

Elvis Presley Worn "TCB Elvis In Concert" Tour Jacket

Post Malone 2019 UK Tour Worn MUF10 Denim Trench Coat

Queen Signed "A Night at the Opera" Album Cover JSA LOA

Jimi Hendrix Owned & Worn Embroidered Western Shirt

Carrie Underwood "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" Stage Worn Outfit

Featured Collections

The Eddie Hammer Elvis Presley Collection is excited to present the Eddie Hammer Elvis Presley Collection. A collection of over 100,000 items including incredibly rare LP’s, acetates, posters, personal items, merchandise, toys, figurines, magazines, CD's, videos, box sets, promotional items - everything imaginable and items you never imagined existed. Eddie heard the song “That's Alright Mama" on the radio in 1954 and he said "that song really got me hooked”. It was the beginning of a 60 year quest to acquire whatever Elvis collectibles he could find. Well he did a pretty good job finding well over 100,000 items! Eddie was considered an expert when it came to Vinyl and CD’s, he was a writer for the Goldmine Magazine and Discoveries. In the collection are over 15,000 different LP’S, 12,000 45’s and 15,000 CD’s. Eddie was also a guest speaker at many Elvis conventions with fans giving him the title of having “The Biggest Elvis Collection in the World”. There are so many items Elvis fans never knew existed that we will be offering. Because of the sheer quantity of items we will be featuring the collection as part of our auctions in the foreseeable future.

Elvis Presley "Girl Happy" Original Half-Sheet Movie Poster


  • Duane Allman's owned and extensively played 1957 gold top Gibson "Layla" Les Paul guitar
    SOLD: $1,000,000.00

  • John Lennon’s “Sgt. Pepper’s” Personally Owned and Used Piano from His Kenwood and Tittenhurst Park Homes on Which He Composed "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", "A Day In The Life" and More”
    SOLD: $690,000.00

  • Elvis Presley 1974 Stage-Worn "Peacock" Jumpsuit
    SOLD: $300,000.00

  • Princess Diana Worn Red Lace Cocktail Dress Ex The Christies Auction, Diana Princess of Wales
    SOLD: $205,429.20

  • John Lennon Owned and Worn Iconic "Two Virgins" Talisman Necklace
    SOLD: $528,000.00

Featured Artist of the Month

Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Buddy Holly & The Crickets Signed & Inscribed Original Vintage Photograph JSA LOA

Gotta Have History

Abraham Lincoln Original Circa 1860 Signature

Tupac Shakur "Outlaw Immortalz" 1995 Inscribed Original Polaroid Photograph

Paul McCartney Handwritten Beatles "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" Working Lyrics